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Smooth Staff Transitions: Train & Retain Employees to Build a Leadership Pipeline

5/9/2024, 5/16/2024

9:00 am - 10:00 am PT | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET


Transitions create disruption whether it is the role of a development director, executive director, program, or communications staff. Staff changes are a constant in organization from entry level, manager, coordinator or director level staff. Some positions the average length of employee is 6 month, 18 months or 3-5 years. How does length of employment in a position preserve institutional memory of program and donor management?

When hiring new employees, we need to provide adequate training to ensure role clarity, enough time to understand the role and goals of the position, organizational workflow, systems and processes. How effective is your organization at training new staff? How does your organization differentiate between staff orientation versus onboarding for a role? How much time do you give employees to get trained before expecting them to know what to do in their role?

Your organization needs to be prepared for smooth staff transitions and onboarding, whether it is the role of a development director, executive director, program or communications staff. Smooth transitions and onboarding are key to the continued successful delivery of programs and services. In this workshop, we will dive into what goes into orientation and onboarding from entry level, coordinator, manager and senior leadership positions. We will also analyze how to use these systems to train employees to build a leadership pipeline to retain employees. The costs of hiring and training employees is significant. What strategies could your organization implement to build a leadership pipeline to retain employees and develop talent from within the organization.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals looking to improve their staff transitions and onboarding processes and continue to successfully deliver programs and services.

What The Training Will Cover

Day 1

  • Review strategies to build and refine an orientation, training and onboarding boarding within your organization

  • Understand opportunities and challenges related to staff transitions

  • Differentiate between orientation, training and onboarding to retain talent at your organization

Day 2

  • Discuss strategies to retain employees and understand what might work at your organization considering capacity and organizational culture

  • Assess potential opportunities to build a leadership pipeline at your organization


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Additional Information

All workshops are live with an instructor. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the workshop. All registrants, will receive the slides & recordings via email after the live workshop.

Looking to register 3+ people? Email us at to receive $5 off per registration!

Please Note: 

We do not offer any other discounts for this training other than the member rate.


This training is led by Dr. Leah Weiner who has a doctorate in education and psychology from Pepperdine University. Leah Weiner is the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Learning Lab. Leah’s approach to training focuses on making sure that the information provided helps participants solve a problem or create a solution related to their professional work.



1 hour of training = 1 credit hour



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