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Managing Projects from Start to Finish

7/24/2024, 7/31/2024

11:00 am - 1:00 pm PT | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET


Do you manage projects at your nonprofit? Struggle to meet deadlines, handle logistics, stay within budget, collaborate or lead a team and clarify roles? Sometimes, we find ourselves coordinating logistics and timelines of fundraising campaigns, community events, advocacy campaigns, new software integrations, strategic plans, conferences, galas or website re-designs. Whether your role is CEO, Development Director, Operations Manager, Chief Program Officer, or Marketing Manager, we often have to manage large projects with staff, stakeholders and community leaders. Managing projects requires framing, coordinating of logistics, communication, a plan, systems to use, definition of roles and bringing the team together even if it is a team of 2 to 100. Sometimes in our role, a project is given to us to launch or maintain and other times the project is our own idea. Managing and completing large projects can be stressful, especially when strapped for time and resources.

How do you frame the project with your team and stakeholders? If you are in a small or large team how do you manage timelines to meet deadlines? How do you frame and plan so the project is successful from the start, or how do you re-frame if there are challenges? How does your organization build equity and accessibility into your systems and procedures to complete your projects and collaborate with team members? We will cover these questions and more! Come to this workshop thinking about a project that you currently manage or will soon.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals and organizations that manage projects.

What The Training Will Cover

The Role of Project Manager

  • Understand the role of project manager even if it isn’t in your job description from managing logistics, staying in budget, handling schedules, framing the purpose, ensuring quality of work, supporting a large to small team.

  • Analyze how your role in the organization influences the information you have to make decisions and plan

A Project Plan

  • Understand how to differentiate a project, task or program for planning purposes

  • Analyze how to create a project plan that you could use for a future or current project and determine what type of project needs a plan.

Using Systems

  • Understand how to use project management tools such as Asana, Monday or Trello to get focused to complete a project.

  • Review project management frameworks including DARCI and MOCHA to gain role clarity and completion of tasks in teams

Project Phases & Preparation

  • Understand how to define and scope a project to determine if a project is the right fit for your organization's capacity and long term goals 

  • Analyze how to use a project initiation document to frame the stages of the project, roles, resources, objectives, milestones and deadlines 

  • Review the different phases of a project and how to prepare for challenges that may occur

Tools to Manage Work

  • Discuss potential tools to manage and keep track of work

Setting Expectations

  • Determine how to set expectations within the structure and organizational culture of your nonprofit

  • Explore how to monitor a project during the implementation phase and methods to make adjustments as needed due to external constraints or opportunities

Addressing Conflict

  • Discuss how to address conflict in a project from communication, relational, role clarity, resources, capacity, structural, interests, work style or values.

Equity & Accessibility

  • Understand how to build equity and accessibility into your systems and procedures to complete your projects and collaborate with team members, vendors and community leaders.


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Additional Information

All workshops are live & recorded. Registrants receive slides & recordings. It is best to attend live. If you miss the workshop, you can watch the recordings and reach out to the instructor with any questions.

Looking to register 3+ people? Email us at to receive $5 off per registration!

Please Note: 

We do not offer any other discounts for this training other than the member rate. Upon registration, you will receive a link to participate in the training. Please check your inbox or spam folder.


This training is led by Dr. Leah Weiner who has a doctorate in education and psychology from Pepperdine University. Leah Weiner is the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Learning Lab. Leah’s approach to training focuses on making sure that the information provided helps participants solve a problem or create a solution related to their professional work.



1 hour of training = 1 credit hour



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