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Use on workshop registration, trainings kits, memberships, and more!

  • What are Learning Credits?
    Think: Buy Now, Use Later. Learning Credits are available for purchase so you or your organization can reimburse them at any time. We created Learning Credits to help organizations better engage staff in addition to helping with budgeting deadlines and decisions.
  • How much are Learning Credits?
    For each increment of Learning Credit, you’ll save 20% of the cost to purchase. This measure means when you purchase $100 of Learning Credit, you get $20 of Learning Credit FREE, meaning you only get charged $80. See the table below for all our Learning Credit packagings.
  • How do I use my Learning Credits?
    After you submit our purchase form, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing your purchase and thanking you. You’ll then be asked to email whenever you would like to activate your Learning Credits, as we will keep up with how much you have on file, and how much you have used. If you would like to add more Learning Credit at any time, kindly use our Learning Credit Purchase form.
  • What can I use my Learning Credits on?
    If it is offered by the Nonprofit Learning Lab, it is available for you to use your credit on. Online workshops, training kits, membership, sponsorship, promotions, and much more. Already a member of the Nonprofit Learning Lab and using our discounts for trainings? Regular Members can use Learning Credit for any remaining balances you may have on trainings or consultation services.
  • Why would Learning Credits be a good fit for me or my organization?
    For individuals, Learning Credit presents a savings opportunity and a more streamlined learning process. For organizations, your Learning Credit can be kept on file for staffers to activate at any time, put towards promotion with the Nonprofit Learning Lab, or help cover the cost of an Organizational Membership. Activating your credit is just a single email away.
  • What if I don't use my Learning Credits?
    Learning Credits do not expire, however, they are nonrefundable. With a plethora of offerings, we hope you are able to use your credit when you want, how you want.
Learning Credit Amount
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