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May 10, 2021

12:oo pm PT | 3:00 pm ET

Chris Harley | DATABASICS

Automating Key Processes for Remarkable Results

in Your Nonprofit

As nonprofits strive to do more with less, maximizing efficiency and accountability is critical for attaining funding, pursuing outcomes, and meeting this uniquely challenging moment. What's more, nearly three-quarters of nonprofit leaders report that their funders demand more information about outcomes than ever before. In today’s world, it’s clear that automation of technologies and processes can provide an edge for nonprofits. Time tracking and expense management are more than accounting requirements – they are technologies that can truly change the game when handled strategically.

May 18, 2021

10:oo am PT | 1:00 pm ET

Emily Swenson | Esri

The Location Advantage: Using Maps to Make Data-Driven Decisions for Your Nonprofit

Maps and data visualization are vital communication tools for nonprofits communicating the people and places at the heart of their missions. In this webinar, you'll learn how to harness the power of location to help your organization ask and answer questions like: where are potential donors? Are we equitably serving the community? Where are gaps in services? Organizations can leverage this information to inform stakeholders and funders, as well as make new planning decisions to better target resources.

May 25, 2021

12:oo pm PT | 3:00 pm ET

Jessica Cloud | Humanitru

Deeper Reporting Insights: Tell Amazing Stories with Data that Informs Strategy and Educates Stakeholders

In our information age, data literacy is an essential aspect of any fundraiser’s job.  But, data and reporting don't need to be scary and complicated.  In this webinar, we'll help you take data, analyze it, and repackage it to tell a meaningful story that inspires action. Attendees will learn how to mine your database for performance statistics that will help you predict future opportunities in your fundraising plan, find inspiring donor stories linking annual giving to planned gifts and major gifts, which will motivate your board to invest in your fundraising programs and use performance analysis data to guide your strategic and budget planning process.

May 27, 2021

8:oo am PT | 11:00 am ET

Martha Collings

LEAD180 Consulting

Good Trouble: How to Advocate for Change

Many nonprofits leaders are unsure about the legality of advocacy and lobbying efforts in which their organization can engage. Whether they are working independently or within a partnership such as a coalition, nonprofits should strive to influence public policies that affect the organization’s ability to achieve its mission. Attendees will learn how you and your organization can strengthen your advocacy efforts.

June 3, 2021

10:oo am PT | 1:00 pm ET

Arup Banerjee

Windfall Data

Identifying Potential Major Donors:

Why Wealth Data is Really Hard

Knowing which donors and prospects have the most potential is essential for nonprofits to focus their fundraising strategies, uncover opportunities, and maximize contributions. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult, especially in today’s economic climate, to get a full understanding of a constituent’s wealth profile. Join us in this free webinar to learn more about identifying potential major donors and taking the confusion about using wealth data.

June 7, 2021

11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET

Virginia Davidson & Timi Paccioretti

Little Green Light 

How to Create an Effective Acknowledgment Strategy for Your Nonprofit

When it comes to acknowledging the gifts your nonprofit receives, do you have a comprehensive strategy in place? In this webinar, we’ll provide guidance on the appropriate ways to acknowledge a variety of donations that nonprofits receive and offer sample language that you can use to draft the perfect, personalized acknowledgment that your donors will appreciate. Once we’ve finished, you’ll have the beginnings of a strategy that can be documented and shared with your fundraising team.

June 15, 2021

11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET

Forum One

Optimizing Instead of Redesigning Your Website

Organizations are facing a lot of new and unexpected challenges that deeply affect the impact of their digital strategy and website presence. During these uncertain times, a full website redesign may not (or no longer) be in the cards. So, what can you do now with your current website that will allow you to create and expand your impact? The answer is: quite a lot. From ensuring your website’s technical infrastructure is up-to-date, to optimizing content and design that is more likely to get noticed and consumed by key audiences, there are small yet powerful tweaks and improvements you can do now that will increase engagement with your website.

June 29, 2021

8:00 am PT | 11:00 am ET

Melissa Lagowski

Big Buzz Idea Group

Sponsorship Growth for Your Nonprofit

Are you currently utilizing sponsorship as a funding source for your nonprofit organization? Do you hope to launch a sponsorship program but don’t know where to start? Does your current program need a refresh to maximize your results? Learn how to leverage sponsorship and corporate partnerships to benefit the future of your organization.

July 8, 2021

8:00 am PT | 11:00 am ET

Lauren Ready

Forever Ready Productions

The Power Of Untold Stories

There's always more to the story. The often untold stories have the power to call your audience to act, transform hearts and ultimately support your work. It's not always perfect, but it's perfectly meant to be told. In this webinar, we'll learn why it matters. Hear firsthand how moments unfold, stories are told, and endings surprise.


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