Professional Development and Training


I prefer in-person training, do you offer that option? 

We host Nonprofit Labs across the country. Check out dates and locations here.

What topics does your organization offer for training?

Workshop topics vary. For our online conferences and nonprofit labs, we post our workshop topics and trainers. Browse the schedule of the particular location or date you wish to attend.

Our nonprofit does not have the budget to travel. Do you offer online training?

We host several online conferences a month. Check out the schedule and topics here.


I want to train with the Nonprofit Learning Lab.

We are always looking for qualified and engaging trainers to collaborate with. Click here to find out how to serve as a trainer. Some of our trainers are paid and some trainers volunteer their time. The length of the workshop determines if the trainer is paid. We support those volunteering by providing plenty of free marketing. We are looking for trainers on a wide variety of topics.

Do you offer continuing education units?

We offer continuing education units through CFRE, ASAE, and SHRM. To learn more about what these continuing education units offer, please check out their websites.

Our nonprofit would like customized training for our organization. Do you offer that? 

We do provide custom training for nonprofits and can train on any topic. For more information, click here

How does the Nonprofit Learning Lab determine Nonprofit Lab locations? 

Locations are determined based on program collaborations, requests from members, and established relationships. Interested in having us host a Nonprofit Lab in your city? Reach out to us at


Training Methodology 


How are your workshops developed? 

Our trainings are developed and created with adults in mind. Our Director Leah Weiner, Ed.D. has a doctorate in education with a background in adult education, curriculum design, and facilitation. Our workshops are also led by 100+ trainers from across the country who are nonprofit professionals, experts, practitioners, and more. You can see a list of our trainers here.  Questions? Email us.


Cancellation Policy + COVID Questions


Help! Life happened and I can no longer attend the event I registered for! 

Our cancellation policy is detailed in our event registration forms. You can transfer your registration to a colleague, or transfer your registration to a future event, just email us. For example — if you registered for a nonprofit lab — you can transfer your registration to any other nonprofit lab. If you registered for a Train the Trainers workshop, you can transfer your registration to any other Train the Trainers workshop.

I am excited to attend in-person events again! What are your policies re: COVID vaccinations and wearing masks?

Receiving a vaccine — for those eligible and medically able is important and helps prevent the spread of COVID. We are all fully aware of what can happen in our local communities when COVID spreads. As community organizations, some of you have been in the front lines providing food, shelter, and health care services to those impacted this past year.

If you have not yet received a COVID vaccine because you are medically unable to do so, we request that you wear a mask to protect yourself and others. 

Please stay home if you are not feeling well or if you have a cough or fever or may have recently been exposed to COVID. Our trainings are regional events with 10-175 people. Attendees are typically from within a 0-150 mile drive of where the event is being held. 




How can I become a member of the Nonprofit Learning Lab and what are the benefits? 

To become a member, check out our membership page. We offer a variety of benefits including access to our resource archive, discounts to training both in-person and online, and access to our mentoring program. Our membership page lists all our membership benefits. 

Program Partnerships and Advertising


How can we partner with the Nonprofit Learning Lab for programming?

We partner with many different organizations across the country including vendors, consulting firms, universities, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and more. Check out all of our current partners and sponsors in our Partner Directory. Do you have an idea for a partnership? Contact us via email at and let us know what you are interested in doing. 

How can an organization advertise, exhibit, or serve as a sponsor of the Nonprofit Learning Lab?

Organizations, universities, consultants, and vendors can advertise with us online or at an event. If you are interested in advertising at a specific event, please click on the link of one of our nonprofit labs. If you are interested in advertising with us online, please check out our online advertising opportunities