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Training Topics

CEUs from ASAE, CFRE & SHRM available for all workshops.
All-access members attend trainings for free. 
Bundle your registration with a membership and gain access to discounts and exclusive member resources!
All trainings are live. Attendees can ask questions to trainer during the training.
Terms of Service: Registration is for 1 person. Please do not share links.


Training, Facilitation, & Leadership

Train the Trainers Workshop: Design, Engage and Equity

Many dates available

Trauma-Informed Facilitation: Incorporating TI Practices in Group Conversations & Training

Many dates available

Effective Coalitions & Collaborations: Leading Teams To Greater Impact

Many dates available

Effective Staff Supervision: How to be a Better Supervisor

Many dates available

Benchmarking Nonprofit Team Success through Intentional Leadership Practices, Passion, and Perseverance

Many dates available

How to Design Online Curriculum for Adults: Micro-learning, Webinars, & Online Training

May 3

Building a Culture of Learning: Generating Innovation and Change

May 8

Strength in Numbers: Coalition and Power Building Strategies

May 8

Emerging Management Teams: Crafting a Path Forward

May 15



How to Build Out Your Planned Giving Program

Mar. 21

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Evaluating New Fundraising Trends in 2023

Mar. 29

How to Create a Case Statement For Funding Support: Templates & Methods to Develop a Case Statement

Apr. 3

Empower Volunteers to Fundraise: Affinity Groups, Peer to Peer & Leadership Committees

Apr. 3

Create, Revise & Implement A Fundraising Plan: Strategies for Staff, Volunteers & Board Members

Apr. 4

Make the Ask: How to Make Better Donor Calls Every Week to Achieve Your Goals

Apr. 12

Fundraising from Corporate Sponsors: Find & Track Prospects, Secure New Gifts and Retain Sponsors

Apr. 12

Lapsed Donors: How to Bring them Back & Re-Engage

May 10

Planned Giving Essentials: Marketing, Finding Prospects, Gift Vehicles, Talking to Donors & Legacy Societies

May 18


Strategy & Planning

Earned Revenue: Plan Build & Manage Fee for Service Models that Align with Your Nonprofit Mission

Mar. 21

Successful Project Management: From Idea to Launch to Sustainability

Mar. 22

Using Data Effectively: How to Analyze, Summarize and Visualize Data in Your Presentations

Mar. 27

Evaluation 101: Using Data to Strengthen Nonprofit Programming

Mar. 29

The Secrets to Designing Great Surveys: Your Toolkit of Do's & Don'ts of Effective Surveys

Apr. 17

Develop Your Board Strategically: Recruiting and Orienting New Members

Apr. 20

Program Management and Scaling: How to Manage & Scale Programs To Reach Your Goals

Many dates available

Improving Operational Procedures at Your Nonprofit: Optimizing Operations

Apr. 27

Smooth Staff Transitions: Leadership Planning & Onboarding to Secure your Organization's Future

May 3

How to Provide Great Customer Service & Experience at Your Organization: Improve Service & Experience to Boost Referrals, Marketing and Program Outcomes

Many dates available


Media & Communications

Engaging Nonprofit Members and Donors Through Storytelling

May. 11

Using Digital Leads to Grow your Donor Base

Mar. 28

Send Better Emails: Fundraise, Engage & Grow Your Email List

May 2

Effective Nonprofit Marketing for the Different Demographics of Facebook and Instagram

May. 31

Volunteer Management

How to Manage Difficult Volunteers: Key Strategies and Action Steps to Implement

Mar. 22

How to Train, Engage, & Retain Virtual & On-site Volunteers

May 10

Understanding the Role of Ethics in Volunteer Management and Engagement

May 22

Effective Volunteer Management: Volunteer Recruitment, Training, Retention, Leadership Structures & Managing Difficult Issues in the Moment

Many dates available

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