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Upcoming Dates

October 28, December 2

Creating Webinars That People Want to Attend

Do you create webinars? We review best practices for participant engagement, content creation, great visuals and marketing tips. Anyone can create a webinar but getting people to want to attend is a different problem to solve!

Upcoming Dates

October 29

How to Create and Design Curriculum for an Online Format

Need help designing online curriculum? This workshop helps you create a collaborative, online environment. We demonstrate how to create a clear structure for online training, how to engage participants, and the curriculum design process for an online format.

Upcoming Dates

October 7, November 10

How to Facilitate A Group Online: Fostering Meaningful Conversation and Building Community Online

This workshop covers best practices for online facilitation. We review how to lead engaging activities and create or re-design activities for an online platform. This training includes instantaneous feedback and active participation.

Upcoming Dates

October 9, December 3

How to Lead Better Online Meetings and Trainings

This 75-minute live webinar covers effective approaches to online meetings and trainings. We cover how to make great slides, how to keep your adult participants engaged, and best practices for live virtual meetings and trainings.

Upcoming Dates

Many sessions available

Train the Trainers Workshop: Virtual Edition

This advanced-level training is similar to our in-person Train the Trainer workshop, but virtual! We cover: virtual room management, learner engagement, slides/visuals creation, adult learning methods, and other ways to create an engaging online learning experience! Get ready for active participation in this cohort based training! 

Fundraising and Virtual Events



Upcoming Dates

October 22, November 18

Pre-Evaluation: Gear Up Your Organization for Measurement and Evaluation

Learn a six-step framework for moving towards evaluation with resources to navigate your organization through the journey. We will address the tactical pieces of shifting your organization to integrate data into an ongoing learning framework. The workshop will introduce a balance of the expected evaluation tools, like logic models and data maps, as well as coaching-centric processes that can ensure you avoid marginalizing voices and stay inclusive.

Upcoming Dates

October 14

Program Evaluation Amidst Change: How to Evaluate Quality, Outcomes and Impact

In this webinar, we offer suggestions for how to evaluate quality and effectiveness in these disrupted times. Topics include: what to do with incomplete or missing data, what to do when the data you want is no longer available, how to switch to digital data collection, and how to get the most from your online program platform.

Upcoming Dates

October 8, October 29

Moving Forward While Looking Back: Using 2020 to Inform Your Next Strategic Plan

We discuss how to create a strategic plan that will live in your organization for years to come, instead of getting filed away never to be looked at again. This is a great opportunity to review what happened in your organization and community in 2020 and use that information to make smart, strategic choices proactively in your organization, rather than reactively.

Upcoming Dates

October 1, November 4

Building a Donor Base in a Digital World: Raising More Funds in 2021

Join Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, MFIA, as she takes you through a multichannel approach to donor communications through using lead magnets and customer sales maps to acquire new donors, align digital strategies to form a cohesive donor journey, and build meaningful donor relationships through timely touch-points.

Upcoming Dates

November 16, December 14

Building Fundraising Success: Understanding Yourself, Your Organization, Your Donor, and Your Ask

In fundraising, knowing yourself is a critical component of your work. Knowing you organization and your donor helps you move from transactional philanthropy to relationship-based giving. Let's build relationship and know how to ask for donor gifts in the most generous way. 

Upcoming Dates

October 26, December 8

Choosing the Right Grants: Make Prospecting Worth Your Time

In this workshop, Thread Strategies introduces an easy-to-follow and easy-to-use framework for researching and evaluating whether a grant opportunity is really worth the effort and potential revenue. You'll leave this session with new knowledge and confidence that the grants you do choose to write are truly worth all that time at the keyboard as well as a refresh on how to approach general operating fund grants to get you started with your newly-vetted list.

Upcoming Dates

October 22, November 12

Effective Direct Mail: Annual Appeals During a Global Pandemic

Don't know what to say in your year-end appeal given the COVID Pandemic, economic meltdown, and long overdue racial justice reckoning? Join Katherine DeFoyd and Liliana Marques of Growth for Good as they share ideas and evidence about the best approach to annual appeals. Consider new approaches and time-honored best practices to acquire new donors, renew long time supporters, and raise lots and lots of money!

Upcoming Dates

October 6, November 5

Examining Your Development Plan: Strategies and Modifications for Successful Fundraising in 2021

This session will help you prioritize your plans and equip you to make tough decisions about what strategies are still viable and where you need to make modifications. This session will provide valuable insights on ways to best focus your fundraising efforts for maximum net dollars raised.

Upcoming Dates

October 5, October 21

Online Event Logistics: How to Plan, Prepare, and Execute Virtual Experiences

Feeling overwhelmed by all the logistics that go into organizing an online event? In this workshop, we will offer practical strategies and tips for running a successful virtual event, and ensure that you are equipped to host a seamless experience for your guests, staff and volunteers.

Upcoming Dates

 October 20

Prospect Research for Frontline Fundraisers & Small Shops

Prospect Research is a valuable tool that is not just for large nonprofits. This session reviews basic tools and tips as a means to strengthen the knowledge of your individual donors and allow for more informed identification, cultivation and solicitation of annual stewardship and major gift prospects.

Upcoming Dates

November 5, December 7

Securing Corporate Sponsorships Amidst Change: Determining Prospects, Making the Ask and Creating a Custom Package

Is your organization working to attract corporate sponsorships? This workshop will cover strategies for promoting your nonprofit during constant change, creating customized sponsorships packages, and ways to approach potential corporate sponsors. 

Upcoming Dates

October 28, November 12

Virtual Gala: Engaging Donors in Their Homes

If your nonprofit is shifting fundraisers to an online format, this webinar is for you! Our trainer will cover a variety of virtual event ideas, promotional strategies, timeline recommendations, and a number of unique ways for you to create an engaging experience. 


Volunteer Management

Upcoming Dates

October 13, November 17

How to Successfully Manage & Engage Volunteers Virtually

Do you rely on volunteers? This live webinar covers online platforms to manage volunteers, virtually recruit, interview and train new volunteers, and best practices to engage volunteers and manage their projects virtually. 

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