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February Workshop Round Up

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Take a look at all our fabulous February workshops! We hope you can join us this month as we explore topics from media and communication to fundraising and community engagement. Not seeing a topic you'd be interested in learning more about? Let us know via email at

In this two-day workshop, we will first provide a framework for understanding today’s leadership skills, as well as managing team and group dynamics. The second session of this workshop will dive into strategies for effectively leading partnerships. Additionally, this workshop will teach you how to strengthen your team, organization, and meet mission-driven goals. Both days will include interactive exercises and actionable tools for leading groups.

Learning how to facilitate and engage groups online has become more common as we move into another year of working remotely. This workshop will cover the best practices for online facilitation as well as how to maintain your audience’s engagement with activities for an online platform. This interactive training includes instantaneous feedback and active participation.

Are you interested in organic, candid storytelling? Does your organization crave pointers on how to capture a special moment instead of creating it? In this workshop Lauren, an Emmy award-winning storyteller with more than a decade of experience shares real-life stories of fundraising using video storytelling. Sign up for this webinar and learn how to utilize video in order to cultivate more impactful moments.

Instagram is a massive platform with over half a billion daily active users! While it might simple at first glance, there are loads of opportunities and little-known capabilities hiding in plain (or sometimes not so plain!) site. We'll cover these, along with some free third-party tools you can use to step up your Instagram game.

This two-day workshop will explore methods and strategies to brainstorm and create ideas for the purpose of program development, scalability, sustainability, and expansion. Additionally, this workshop will discuss the three important elements in program expansion and scaling. Attendees will leave the workshop with actionable steps to follow in scaling their programs.

In this hour-long training, we will review common issues that arise and offer step-by-step solutions to mitigate these issues. Volunteer issues covered in the workshop will include social media policies, interpersonal conflicts among volunteers and with staff, alignment of volunteer expectations, volunteer engagement, and volunteer retention.

This workshop will explore how nonprofit professionals can improve the way they use email to engage their community and fundraise for their cause. We'll explore best practices in the use of email including subject line testing, call to action, improving open rates, and list management. We'll also discuss digital email platforms and the impact the Apple iOS Mail Privacy Protection has on email service providers like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others.

Join us for this workshop to review the core components of a case statement using a template provided and get started writing, updating, or revising your organization's case statement.

We will explore finding grants that align with your organization's mission and programs as well as the different databases you can use to find grants and how you can also utilize your board members to help you build relationships with foundations. There will be opportunities for feedback, development, and writing in this workshop!

Train the Trainers: Virtual Edition - February 15, 17 and 22, 2022

This training is perfect for trainers looking for new, more effective approaches to adult learning and for for-profit or nonprofit professionals that lead trainings, workshops, programs, orientations, meetings, and retreats who are looking to improve their facilitation and training skills.

Join us to learn about more than 30 ways you can power up your nonprofit promotions no matter what you are promoting. These simple, but effective tips will cover email marketing, social media, and public relations tactics that are easy to execute.

In this workshop, we will discuss ways you can reconnect and re-engage with donors that are no longer supporting your organization or nonprofit. Join us for this session as we explore

Need help designing an online curriculum? Join us for this hour-long workshop where we will help you create a collaborative, online environment. We demonstrate how to create a clear structure for online training, how to engage participants, and the curriculum design process for an online format. Attendees will gain tips and tricks for creating visually appealing online content that will effectively engage adult audiences.

During this workshop, we will provide step-by-step guidance on how to create and implement affinity-style fundraising whether it is a peer-to-peer campaign on social media, affinity groups, or internal leadership committees that fundraise on behalf of the organization. We will review platforms, structures, and best practices to ensure volunteers can fundraise on your organization's behalf.

This session will equip you with the tools you need to institute best practices for your board and fulfill your obligations as an individual board member. During the hour workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of effective governance through exploring the basic roles and responsibilities of the board and for individual board members. We will also explore what board members’ fiduciary duties— of care, loyalty and obedience— are really about.

Find more workshops on our training page. See you soon!


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