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November Workshop Round-Up

Updated: May 8

November is here! Below we have provided a list of workshops we’re offering this month at the Nonprofit Learning Lab! To register and find out more about each workshop, click the workshop titles of your choice to head to the workshop page.

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Betsy Block | B3 Coach

When you want to empower change on your team, you want to leverage the strengths of the whole team regardless of how they navigate change. This interactive workshop introduces a simple model of the three response styles to change. Once recognized, leaders can build stronger relationships on the team, and how to work with the advantages -- and challenges -- of each style. This will be an interactive, highly engaged workshop!

Dave Lewis | SnailWorks, LLC

Direct mail remains an indispensable fundraising channel, but it is much more effective when coordinated with other marketing channels. At very little additional expense, fundraisers can reinforce their direct mail message and provide additional opportunities to give. In this session, we will look at methods for timing and coordinating multiple marketing channels around direct mail. You will be able to target your donors with messages immediately before and after they get the mail piece. We will delve into the how-to of putting coordinating tools to use.

Collecting and talking about impact can feel complicated, expensive, and overwhelming for nonprofit leaders. Data collection can get in the way of service provision, and dedicating the time and resources for program evaluation can feel impossible. Until recently, there has not been a straightforward, affordable, and sustainable strategy which even small nonprofits can use to track impact and tell powerful impact stories. This two-day series will introduce the ImpactStory™ Strategy as an accessible and actionable way to collect and use data to move people to action.

Sarah Hogan and Zoe Clemmons | BarefootPR

For a busy nonprofit, thinking about how to strategically share the stories of your board, volunteers and other stakeholders online in a way that resonates often falls on the back-burner. Learn practical strategies to build up your storytelling skills through social media, email and emerging platforms beyond your annual fundraiser. Keep the impact and heart of your organization at the forefront of your digital efforts all year long with Barefoot PR’s Sarah Hogan & Zoe Clemmons. They will provide helpful tips, tricks and tools to set you up for storytelling success.

Laura Sundstrom | Illuminary Perspectives

Does this sound familiar: You need to get information or data from your participants so you decide to send out a survey. You write something, send it out, and no one takes it. Or you get the responses back and they really aren't that helpful for making decisions or improving your programming. In a world with constant surveys, how do you make yours stand apart while also making it useful for you? A well-written survey generates substantive, actionable data. In this session, we will explore when surveys are most appropriate, delve into key principles for writing surveys and best practices of structuring surveys, and cover how-to tips on survey distribution.

Libby Magliolo | The Slide Master

In the 2-session "Data-Driven Presentations" workshop, participants will learn how to transform raw numbers into captivating stories and visuals that not only resonate with their audience, but drive action as well. The workshop will review the foundational elements of data visualizations, so that attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of charts and graphs that facilitate clear and effective data communication. The workshop will also delve into the realm of advanced data visualizations, as well as learn how to craft customized infographics, understanding when and how to employ these visual wonders to enhance the narrative of their data presentations. Attendees will learn the strategies to breathe life into their data, contextualizing it in ways that make it both memorable and powerful. By incorporating storytelling techniques into their presentations, they will leave a lasting impression on their audience, engaging them on a deeper level and driving actionable insights.

This workshop will give attendees valuable insights and practical knowledge on harnessing AI to enhance fundraising efforts. Participants will leave the workshop equipped with the tools and understanding to implement AI-driven strategies. This will enable them to build stronger relationships with donors, optimize fundraising campaigns, and significantly impact your organization's missions.

By integrating AI responsibly and ethically into fundraising practices, organizations can unlock new opportunities, make data-driven decisions, and engage donors more personally. Stay at the forefront of innovation and maximize your organization's philanthropic impact!

Liz Rejman | iWave

As a new leader you are moving from buddy to boss; tactics to strategy; doing to managing. How do you navigate that? Leadership is a learned skill. If you haven't practiced that skill, it can feel awkward and hard. Coaching skills, specifically powerful questions and active listening, can help you build your confidence and make leadership feel less difficult, awkward and hard. In this webinar you will learn specific coaching techniques of powerful questions and active listening to lead, manage and coach direct report staff. This webinar will also review the tools needed to move from a tactics focus to a strategy focus in your work as a leader.

Matt Souza | Ascend NPO

Join Matt, a 3X certified Salesforce Professional and experienced nonprofit consultant, in this 30-minute workshop. Discover how to leverage built-in CRM automations, 3rd party tools, and developer tools to streamline operations, automate workflows, tasks, communication, and integrations across systems. We’ll discuss practical actions your organization can take to improve efficiency and continuity across your operations.

Continuing Education Units Available: We offer continuing education units for our trainings through CFRE, ASAE, and SHRM.

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