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November Workshop Round-Up

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Workshops at the Nonprofit Learning Lab Available November 2022 - Get All of These and More with Membership!

Effective Volunteer Management: Volunteer Recruitment, Training, Retention, Leadership Structures & Managing Difficult Issues in the Moment - November 1 + 4, 2022

Nonprofits rely on volunteers to fulfill their mission, programs, and services and some organizations rely solely on volunteers to do the work of their organization. Recruiting, training, and managing volunteers take planning and strategy. The past few years have changed the way that individuals give their time and it is important that nonprofits adapt to best practices for recruitment, retention, training, and building a leadership pipeline of volunteers. This workshop is applicable to one-time volunteers, recurring volunteers, leadership committees, chapter-based organizations, affinity groups, alumni groups, and more. Learn more and register here.

Donor Discovery: Connecting with Nonprofit Donors - November 3, 2022

There are transactional giving and transformational giving. As a result of 100s of donor interviews, Susan Kramer has learned that in no uncertain terms, engagement leads to transformational giving. As fundraising staff, we need to be able to understand the donor's passion to connect the passion with the action of the nonprofit. This workshop will cover how to engage donors by combining passion with the action using real examples. Interested in learning more about this workshop? Click here!

Member Peer Learning Mentor Program: Communicating Your Organization's Worth to Reach Your Year-End Fundraising Goals - November 4, 2022

Our facilitated peer learning community is a chance to dig in on your goals and hold yourself accountable. Do you ever want to network with peers outside your organization or community? Our mentor groups are built around a common role and objective. This program is offered exclusively to our members. Read more about the first session here! To join as a member or read more about our current membership packages, click here!

Essentialism: Ruthless Prioritization for Ultimate Productivity - November 9, 2022

Using themes from the best-selling business book by Greg McKeown, presenter Tasi Gottschlag from Keela, explores the concept of Essentialism, a technique for prioritization that suggests we should relentlessly pursue less but pursue better. It’s the idea of choosing to produce quality over quantity. And more than that, it’s the idea of choosing to produce quality on the RIGHT TASKS! Nonprofit professionals wear many hats in their organizations and this session will help you figure out how to direct your attention to the tasks that will have the most impact on your mission. Read more and register for this free webinar here!

Trauma-Informed Facilitation: November 8 + 15, 2022

The role of a group facilitator is to ensure that group members are fully able to participate, interactions among participants go smoothly, and that the group achieves its intended goal. Sometimes as a facilitator, you have to discuss difficult topics as part of a workshop, training, or facilitated experience. Elements of a facilitated experience may not always go as planned especially if the group is discussing a difficult topic or sharing personal stories or narratives. As a facilitator, you want to be prepared for any situation and create the best possible experience for participants in a group. Learn more about and register for this two-part workshop here.

Train the Trainers Workshop: Virtual Edition - November 14, 16 + 18, 2022

Be a better online or in-person trainer and gain practical skills that you can implement right away. In this workshop, you'll analyze how to lead engaging small group exercises and practice methods for managing participants. We cover how to prepare as a facilitator, review adult learning practices, discuss online and in-person activity creation, curriculum design, and engaged in online and in-person learning. Register for this 3-part workshop series here.

How to Be An Inclusive and Inspiring Leader - November 29, 2022

This masterclass will cover three key topics related to the importance of inclusion and the role of inclusive, inspiring leaders. Responsibilities of leadership and what it really means to have influence. Traits of inclusive leaders to consider what practices to incorporate. Creating belonging from within so that you can more easily create it for other people. Register for this free webinar here!

Nonprofit Learning Lab members receive exclusive access to our new Peer-Learning Mentor program. To learn more about our current membership packages and register for an upcoming mentor program, click here!

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