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April Workshop Round-Up

Spring is here! Below we have provided a list of workshops we’re offering this month at the Nonprofit Learning Lab! To register and find out more about each workshop, click the workshop titles of your choice to head to the workshop page. 

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Tracy Kaufman | Candid

Seeking grants for your nonprofit? Get a detailed look at the most advanced search strategies to use in Foundation Directory, the most comprehensive grant research tool for fundraisers. Next, customize your approach to emphasize the fit with different funders. Learn how to use your GuideStar profile as a complement to your grant proposal, and how to edit your proposal to showcase the impact of your nonprofit’s work in the best possible light.

Erica Waasdorp | A Direct Solution

So many people worry about how to generate major gifts. They may forget about those small donors in their database – and you have many more small donors than large ones, right? Monthly giving programs are especially effective to engage smaller donors and improve donor retention multi-fold. Best of all Monthly Donors give more money than one-time donors and it typically is unrestricted revenue. Learn the steps involved to start and organize a monthly donor program for your organization, using the tools you already have in place. If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that the need for sustainable revenue is greater than ever. Monthly giving provides organizations funds they can count on, no matter what happens.

Johan Hammerstrom | Community IT

So many small nonprofits start out using the free Google Workspace platform you can set up and administer yourself. Google makes it easy! But as you grow from a one- or two-person nonprofit to a larger team you may be wondering if Google Workspace is professional enough, and whether it can handle more complex IT needs. And what about volunteers and others who need to access your files – is Google secure? What are best practices on setting up and administering Google Workspace in nonprofits with 10+ staff? Are there steps you can take now to make it easy to keep Google Workspace as you grow?

Join Community IT CEO Johan Hammerstrom for a look at what you need to know about growing your nonprofit and managing the IT to go with growth. This webinar is appropriate for nonprofit staff of any technical level, and is recommended for nonprofit managers and leaders. Learn how well-managed IT can help you achieve your mission.

Almost every Nonprofit organization has two superpowers. The first is the data that they have packed away in databases and spreadsheets, often collecting virtual dust on their servers. The second is the visual faculties of their donors, board members, and staff members. While most of us glaze over at the sight of a spreadsheet, humans are wired to process visual information at lightning speed. By showing data in engaging visual formats, we can conquer common nonprofit challenges. All attendees will also get a list of resources to pump up the knowledge and skills you acquired at the webinar.

Gaspard Vié & Sammy Goyette | Zeffy

Your website design, email, and social media campaigns, along with your choice of fundraising platforms, all play a critical role in your fundraising. Regardless of the size of your nonprofit, optimizing the donor experience is essential to maximizing your impact. Join us in this webinar, where our experts from Zeffy will delve into the best practices of online fundraising. Learn how to retain 100% of the funds you raise, avoiding the fees

associated with traditional fundraising tools

Join our 2-day workshop to master critical elements for implementing strategy and meeting your organization’s goals. This step-by-step program ensures easy implementation of the learnings. 

On Day 1, we explore strategic planning in our sector and its application to your organization. We cover various strategies such as frameworks, scenario planning, and goal alignment for programmatic, fundraising, and marketing objectives. We then delve into approaches for operationalizing goals, sustaining team motivation, tracking progress, and maintaining alignment. We introduce the 'Three P’s of success'—Purpose, People, and Processes—to enhance clarity, engagement, and capacity to achieve strategic goals. 

Day 2 focuses on meeting program, fundraising, and marketing communication objectives. We provide tools for planning, tracking progress, and evaluating success, including specific implementation strategies, responsible parties, timelines, and evaluation templates. Tracking progress is crucial for gaining stakeholder buy-in; we share industry tools and frameworks for effective planning and execution of these goals, each with immediate applicability. This foundational workshop benefits both newer and seasoned nonprofit professionals, board members, and volunteers.

Rachel Owen | Rachel K. Owen LLC

This workshop is tailored for nonprofit organizations with existing experience in policy engagement at the state or federal level. This session aims to equip participants with advanced strategies to enhance their advocacy efforts while adhering to nonprofit guidelines. The focus will be on deepening engagement with policymakers, leveraging partnerships, and utilizing innovative approaches to amplify the organization's impact.

Anthony A. Dicks, Jr. | 180 Management Group

A leader or organization’s most powerful asset is not their vision, it’s their voice. Voices can create, stimulate, and inaugurate change. Nonprofit’s can change the world with "just" voices. Not in the sense of using voices alone, but in the sense of using voices that are just! In this session attendees will discover a framework for employing their leadership or organization’s voice to be a catalyst for change.

Stephanie Cory | Stephanie Cory Consulting

The board’s duty of loyalty reminds us that an organization’s interests should come before one’s own. What does this look like in the real world? Learn what constitutes a conflict of interest and how to best avoid perceived or actual conflicts before they become a challenge. Gain the confidence and knowledge to effectively manage conflicts of interest through education, policy, and practice. This webinar is applicable to board members and staff who work with nonprofit boards of directors.

Jami Yazdani | Yazdani Consulting

Are you concerned that there may be a gap between your nonprofit's strategic direction and what is actually happening across your organization? It can be challenging to ensure that your projects, programs, and initiatives are aligned with your strategic plan and other key organizational strategies. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the cause and impact of strategy gaps in nonprofits, along with a framework for assessing your nonprofit’s strategic alignment. We’ll cover simple techniques for creating alignment, including feasibility assessments and simple approval processes. We will also explore creating and implementing more aligned workflows. Join us and learn how to close your organization’s strategy gap!

As we approach 2025, with Millennials expected to constitute 60% of the workforce and up to 12% identifying as TGX+ (transgender and gender expansive), the imperative for nuanced understanding of TGX+ realities is clear. As societal norms evolve and more individuals openly identify as TGX+, it is crucial for workplaces to reflect on what this means for our organizational culture and practices. In this interactive workshop, we will examine the incorporation of TGX+ inclusion within the broader context of organizational inclusion strategies. We will delve into: Embedding TGX+ inclusion into existing DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) frameworks. Evaluating emerging policies that advocate for TGX+ employee welfare. Establishing effective practices for the collection and use of TGX+ related data. Join us in this session to gain valuable insights and practical tools for fostering an inclusive culture that supports and celebrates TGX+ individuals within your organization.

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