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50 Helpful Books and Resources for Your Nonprofit

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Are you interested in learning more about maintaining the nonprofit sector? Here at the Nonprofit Learning Lab, we've compiled a list of 50 books to help bolster your knowledge on various topics such as organizational culture, fundraising, human resources, staff supervision, and many more. Check them out below!

Recommended Books on Organizational Culture

1. Management and Organizational Theory by Jeffrey A. Miles

Check out this book to learn about the analysis of the 40 most popular, researched, and applied management and organization theories!

2. How We Show Up by Mia Birdsong

Looking for ways to strengthen your community? Check out this book to discover how showing up, asking for help, and being accountable can lead us toward the life we want.

3. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Learn how the symbolism of a “Circle of Safety” and the value of “Leaders Eat Last” allows for a strong community that is built on trust and fosters cooperation.

Develop an understanding of corporate culture and its impacts on company success with this book focused on the four steps to cultural transformations that lead to positive change.

5. Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture by Robert E. Quinn, Kim S. Cameron

Check out this book for numerous tools for diagnosing and understanding organizational culture as well as strategies for changing organizational culture and personal behaviors.

Deep dive into change mythology with this book based on behavioral science that discusses new concepts and evidence-based management systems that help organizations reach success.

7. The Culture Blueprint by Robert Richman

Looking for a guide to building company culture? This book is just that with steps to draw in and maintain employees that are enthusiastic and committed to the job.

8. The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Get the inside scoop on some of the world’s most successful organizations and what has led them to greatness. This book identifies three key skills that lead to cohesion and success within an organization.

9. Designing Exceptional Organizational Cultures by Jamie Jacobs and Hema Crockett

Check out this book to gain guidance on all areas of building a company culture including how to define and embed core values and create structures for optimizing performance.

10. International Organizational Behaviors by Dean B McFarlin and Paul D. Sweeney

Expand your cultural organization knowledge to the international level with this book. Learn how to interpret behavior and gain adaptation skills that lead to successful navigation of cultures in the workplace.

11. Organizational Culture and Leadership by Edgar Schein and Peter A. Schein

Check out this book to learn how culture can be a tool that shapes the dynamics of an organization and impacts change.

12. Nonprofit Management 101 by Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Top experts from the nonprofit field have come together to share their knowledge on developing and managing a successful nonprofit.

Check out this book to find effective solutions to difficulties that cause nonprofit board members to struggle to reach their goals.

Recommended Books on Fundraising

1. Money Matters for Nonprofits by Melisa F Galasso

Looking to better your knowledge of nonprofit financials? This book has helpful tips for understanding financial statements and accounting basics.

Searching for tips to help support your current fundraising efforts? Read more about how to find and communicate with new donors

Check out this guide to learn more about how to connect and motivate donors to give generously. This book will be a great resource for you as you try to boost your organization’s revenue!

Written by a panel of experts and consultants, readers will get detailed case studies, worksheets, and strategies for almost every type of fundraising activity!

Transform your newsletter into a platform for donors and funders! Check out this book to learn more about communicating with donors.

Recommended books on Human Resources & Staff Supervision

1. The First Time Manager by Gary S. Topchik and Loren Belker

Leading a team for the first time? Check out this book to learn about tips to implement as a new manager!

2. Supervision Matters by Rita Server

Check out this book by author Rita Server to learn 100+ ideas to transform you and your team!

3. Servant Leadership Roadmap by Cara Bramlett

Ready to take charge of your leadership and lead a rockstar team? Click here to learn more about this book by Cara Bramlett!

4. The Best Place to Work by Ron Friedman

Discover how to create a successful workplace with this researched based book that provides scientifically proven techniques and powerful stories surrounding achieving excellence.

Recommended Books on Board and Volunteer Management

1. The Ultimate Board Member's Book by Kay Sprinkel Grace

Check out this book to develop your understanding of the role of a board member and what steps to take to be successful in the position. This book provides a run through of everything you need to know to be the best board member possible.

Learn how to make the most out of your board of Directors with the Entrepreneurial Team Model, tips on holding people accountable, and building responsible teams, and more.

3. Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards by William P. Ryan, Richard Chait, Barbara E. Taylor

Check out this book to learn why consultants have created a framework for more macro governance and less micromanagement by introducing the concept of generative governance that provides fresh approaches and road maps to leadership.

4. The Little Book of Boards by Erik E. Hanberg

Focused on building a better board for a small nonprofit? This book covers the basics of being a nonprofit board member as well as includes helpful resources for getting started.

From designing recruitment programs for new volunteers to understanding how your organization’s image affects the recruitment process, Susan J. Ellis offers strategies that will support successful volunteer recruitment.

Check out more from Susan J. Ellis as she explores the relationship between volunteers and organizational leaders, and how it can impact the effectiveness and engagement of the volunteers.

Explore more about how to build a successful volunteer program and connect volunteers to your organization.

Recommended Books on Training, Facilitation, and Leadership

1. Latina Empowerment Through Leadership: Mindful Stories From Inspiring Women by Celia Garcia, Lizza Morales, Veronica Corona, Monica Rivera

Learn more about organizational leadership from 8 women of color as they share stories, secrets, and life lessons about what it truly means to be a mindful and impactful leader.

Check out this book to learn more about the 9 core principles of leading individuals in the Latino, African American, and American Indian cultures. This book will act as your guide to multicultural leadership.

Looking to be a better leader? Check out this book to learn the ten principles Latino leaders have used to create inclusive and socially responsible communities.

Follow Maria Availa’s journey through personal and professional development as she shares the skills she has learned to effectively organize communities.

5. Auténtico: A Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success by Andrés T. Tapia and Robert Rodriguez

Check out this book to develop a better understanding of the internal and external forces that create tensions for Latinos when it comes to expressing cultural identity in the workplace.

6. Transforming Communities by Sandhya Rani Jha

Find inspiration to step into your power from these true stories of people who have created change in their community and learn from their success with this book.

7. Supportive Accountability by Sylvia Melena

Having trouble finding the balance between being supportive and holding others accountable in the workplace? Check out this book to learn how to provide supportive accountability to ensure productivity among employees.

8. Leader Shift by John C. Maxwell

Learn how to create shifts throughout your career that will keep you innovating and improving towards higher success in today’s business world with this book.

Learn more about various topics including organization theory, strategy, operations management, logistics, information systems, marketing, human resource management, and finance!

Fast-track your career and learn valuable tips to help climb the corporate ladder and lead a strong team.

11. Learning Leadership by Barry Posner

Everyone has a story to tell! Learn more from Barry Posner as he explores five practices to help challenge, enable, and encourage your team or staff.

Working in a collaborative, team setting? Check out this book to learn more about group problem-solving using the systems thinking method to help transform your organization into a learning environment!

13. When Women Lead by Julia Boorstin

Learn about the benefits of inclusive leadership and how the challenges women have faced in the workplace have allowed them to adapt to be better leaders.

14. Roots to Power by Lee Staples

Check out this book, which acts as a how-to manual to reach successful group organization with a focus on six organizing arenas accompanied by case examples and exercises for hands-on practice.

Learn how to lead with compassion and precision with this framework for fighting for an abolitionist future.

16. God and Community Organizing by Hank Jacobs Lee

Check out this book to discover four ways conventional organizing has worked in different historical and social contexts. Learn how the two political praxis can complement each other to create an effective method of faith-based community organizing.

17. Faith Rooted Organizing by Alexa Salvatierra and Peter Heltzel

Check out this book to learn how to take social action through methods rooted in faith.

This book allows you to look into case studies and reflect with personal questions to better understand how to better build relationships between the executive director and board of trustees so your nonprofit can reach its full potential.

Do you need additional resources on volunteer management and volunteer recruitment? Check out these volunteer resources:

Volunteer Appreciation & Retention Action Plan Volunteer recognition and appreciation are essential to retention. Keeping volunteers engaged and part of your community helps to build a dedicated base of volunteers. This document helps you plan out what your volunteer recognition plan is for the year.

Looking for fundraising resources? Check them out below:

Interested in learning more about Training, Leadership, and Facilitation? Check out these upcoming workshops and free resources:


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