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June Workshop Round-Up

Updated: May 8

Summer is here! This month we are offering a variety of new workshops! Click the workshop title you are interested in attending to learn more and register for an upcoming session. Interested in attending at a discounted rate? Check out our current individual and organizational membership packages here!

Summer is finally here! We’ve put together this list of workshops offered at the Nonprofit Learning Lab available this month to make sure you don’t miss a thing! To register and find out more about each workshop, click the workshop titles of your choice to head to the workshop page for more details. Our memberships provide discounts to all our paid trainings, and many other benefits. Learn more about our memberships here. Not seeing a topic you'd be interested in learning more about? Let us know via email at

This workshop will redefine your board’s role in the fundraising process and lessen the intimidation factor. We will provide tips and tools to engage your board in essential fundraising needs for your organization without ever asking for a dime. In turn, you will enlist their support in the cultivation process and be poised to develop an even more substantial pipeline of donors than before.

Register for this workshop to gain insight into how to push your board towards innovative leadership and to ensure strategic momentum by leading with your organization’s vision. Attendees will learn how to set your mission as the guidepost for leadership, decision-making, and debate.

Through our train the trainers workshop, we will guide you on how to be a better online or in-person trainer and gain practical skills you can use right away. In this workshop, we discuss how to lead engaging small group exercises and practice methods for managing participants. We cover adult learning theory and practices, ways to make mandatory trainings fun, methods for online and in-person instructional design and strategies to incorporate equity and inclusion into a training, workshop or orientation.

To fully utilize the power of IT to support your nonprofit, you need to have a plan. You don’t have to be an IT expert to incorporate basic IT budgeting and timelines into your strategic planning. Join Johan Hammerstrom, CEO of Community IT Innovators, to learn actionable first steps and view some templates for creating a simple IT Roadmap that can help your nonprofit succeed.

To be truly inclusive, website designers and content creators must consistently produce websites and social media posts that are both accessible and usable. This presentation will provide guidelines for ensuring that information can be used by everyone, regardless of ability. The presenters, both of whom live with vision loss, will demonstrate what end users experience when interacting with accessible and inaccessible content. The differences between accessible and usable content will also be discussed. Finally, the presenters will highlight tips and tricks for producing content that anyone can access and use.

Whether you are new to the role or are a supervisor with extensive knowledge, our new working world requires supervisors to communicate regularly and have clarity around expectations, tasks and job performance. This workshop will dive into supervision strategies including monitoring, feedback, supervision methods and how to build a high-performing team.

Revolutionize your approach to donors with nonprofit professional and foundation advisor Sybil Ackerman-Munson of Do Your Good. Sybil will show you how to unlock the donor mind to build amazing relationships with prospective givers, and teach you the top 3 things that work amazingly well but that almost no one does.

The more procedures and programs your organization develops, the more important it is to document them. As an organization grows, staff take on different roles and one person will not know how to do everything. This workshop is ideal for organizations going through change, expanding, bringing on new staff or for organizations looking to improve their operating procedures.

This workshop will cover realistic strategies for infusing plan priorities and goals throughout every level of your organization. From creating shorter-term objectives, continuing to engage your stakeholders and staff, and creating a culture of shared accountability, you can turn your strategic plan into an action plan!

By the end of this session, you’ll have the confidence to build your organization’s power by engaging your team, donors, members, coalition partners, and community in advocacy, as well as the framework for creating a strategic roadmap that leads to long-term advocacy success. Each attendee will receive a campaign planning template.

This workshop focuses on understanding how to engage your nonprofit board to serve as an effective, emerging leadership team. An emerging leadership team is one that is navigating the challenges every team faces: how to form as a new entity, engage new members, shift how it leads, support strategic shift, address turnover, and/or just emerge from big shifts in the world. Participants will learn how the board and staff form a team (or what we’ll call a system) that needs its own care and support. We will work with specific tools to lean in and help you support your board through changes.

Continuing Education Units Available: We offer continuing education units for our trainings through CFRE, ASAE, and SHRM.


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