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March Workshop Round-Up

Updated: Jun 9

You're in luck! This month we are offering a variety of new workshops! Click the workshop title you are interested in attending to learn more and register for an upcoming session. Interested in attending at a discounted rate? Check out our current individual and organizational membership packages here!

Strength in Numbers: Coalition and Power Building Strategies - March 6, 2023

During this interactive and fun session, you’ll learn best practices in advocacy to advance your organization’s goals, how to identify and engage critical stakeholders, and how to ensure your organization is not left out of policy-making conversations.

Diversifying Revenue Streams and Increasing Impact with a Social Enterprise Model - March 6, 2023

This free webinar will introduce the concept of social enterprise and different business model ideas and explore some key considerations for nonprofits interested in starting a social enterprise.

Building a Culture of Learning: Generating Innovation and Change - March 7, 2023

Having a learning culture promotes continuous improvement and supports the achievement of goals, innovation, and the ability to adapt to change. Learning cultures bring benefits to clients, staff, and organizational sustainability.

Effective Staff Supervision: How to be a Better Supervisor - March 13 & 20, 2023

As a supervisor, there is a balance between micro-managing and believing in the skills of your employees for why you hired them in their roles. This workshop will dive into supervision strategies including monitoring, feedback, supervision methods, and how to build a high-performing team.

Elevating Your Nonprofit's Online Presence: Best Website Practices for 2023 - March 14, 2023

Join Elevation, a company with a wealth of experience in designing websites for nonprofits of all sizes, as they uncover the trends and strategies that will help your organization stand out in the digital landscape.

Train the Trainers Workshop: Design, Engage and Equity, Sessions 1 & 2 - March 14 & 16, 2023

Through our train the trainers workshop, we will guide you on how to be a better online or in-person trainer and gain practical skills you can use immediately. This workshop discusses how to lead engaging small group exercises and practice methods for managing participants.

Earned Revenue: Plan Build & Manage Fee for Service Models that Align with Your Nonprofit Mission - March 21, 2023 In this workshop, participants will explore new opportunities by analyzing their organization’s assets, reflecting on their goals, and reviewing practical examples from other organizations to generate additional revenue streams outside of traditional donor funding.

How to Manage Difficult Volunteers: Key Strategies and Action Steps to Implement - March 22, 2023

Difficult volunteers can prevent nonprofit leaders from effectively pursuing their mission and programs and can negatively impact staff and other volunteers. In this training, we will review common issues that arise and offer step-by-step solutions to mitigate these issues.


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