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New Ways to Show Gratitude to Volunteers

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Did you know April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month? Celebrating and recognizing your volunteers is an integral part of retaining nonprofit volunteers. We understand that volunteers contribute a significant amount of work, hours, and dedication to the organizations they serve. Below are some of our favorite ways to show gratitude to our volunteers.

Publicly Recognize Volunteers

Featuring your volunteers and their accomplishments on your social media, newsletter, or website can make your volunteers feel more included and recognized in the organization! It is also a great way for your community to learn more about the volunteers they are interacting with.

Offer Ways for Volunteers to Network and Meet With Each Other

Providing space for your volunteers to connect and learn from each other is a great way to strengthen your team and organization. This can be a weekly virtual networking hour or an in-person coffee or lunch. Allowing your volunteers to connect and build relationships can help with volunteer retention.

Connect With Their Employer

Sharing a volunteer’s accomplishments with their current employer is a thoughtful way to demonstrate your gratitude! This can be writing their employer a nice email, or even inviting them to see the volunteer in action at your events!

Give the Gift of a Membership

Most volunteers are not getting compensated financially for their time and work. Thank volunteers for their time and work by giving them memberships after they volunteer. This is a great way to retain a relationship with a former volunteer.

Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

Volunteering is a great way to learn new professional skills! Enhance your volunteer’s experience by providing opportunities for professional development. Check out this page to learn more about our upcoming trainings!

Host a Volunteer Appreciation Event

Take time to plan an in-person or virtual event celebrating your volunteers. Try thinking outside the classic pizza party and plan something that celebrates the work your volunteers have accomplished! What better time to celebrate than in April, National Volunteer Appreciation Month!


Over the past few years, as organizations deal with new issues such as COVID, staffing changes, and other obstacles, the role of the nonprofit volunteer has changed drastically. Demonstrating your appreciation towards your volunteers should be integrated into your daily and weekly tasks.

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