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The Nonprofit Learning Lab's 2022 Recap

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

2022 was an exciting year for the Nonprofit Learning Lab. We supported a wide range of professionals in the nonprofit sector through our online trainings, free resources, and more.

This past year, the Nonprofit Learning Lab hosted 276 online workshops and webinars, presented by 60 unique professionals, presenters and facilitators in the nonprofit sector. In total, we saw 10,953 registrants from all over the United States for this year’s online events. These online webinars and trainings focused on fundraising, staff and volunteer training, facilitation and leadership, media and communications, strategy and planning, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. We welcomed a handful of new workshops with a focus in organizational development and facilitation such as, Effective Staff Supervision”, “Trauma-Informed Facilitation”, “Effective Nonprofit Collaborations”, and “Smooth Staff Transitions

In 2022, we were also very excited to announce the launch of our new Peer Learning mentorship program, a group-based, peer support network where professionals in similar positions get together (virtually) with a facilitator to explore a goal or challenge they are working towards.

In 2022, we also hosted a number of webinars focusing on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion such as “The Quiet Inequity: Disability Discrimination and Ableism in the Nonprofit” and “Becoming an Inclusive Nonprofit Board of Directors”. In total, there were 2,117 diversity, equity, and inclusion webinar registrants who are now equipped with the skills they need to discuss and combat bias in their nonprofit organizations.

We are excited to continue hosting diversity, equity, and inclusion free webinars. Join us forMaking Your Nonprofit's Website More Accessible and Inclusiveon January 11th, 2023 to learn more about how to ensure your organization’s website is inclusive and accessible to your audience! You can find all of our diversity, equity, and inclusion resources on this page. In 2022, we added 356 hours of training resources in our Nonprofit Library, available exclusively to Nonprofit Learning Lab members. Interested in membership? Follow this link for more information.

In addition to the new workshops we offered this past year, we also added several new nonprofit resources including 70 new blog posts in our Lab Notes blog, new downloadable resources like our activity sheets, guidebooks and tipsheets, as well as new additions to our Consultant’s Directory and Nonprofit Job Board Hub.

Join us again in 2023 for even more nonprofit webinars, trainings, and free resources. As a thanks for reading this post, use the code friend10 for $10 off any of our paid nonprofit trainings. We cover topics from volunteer management and board development, to nonprofit fundraising and communication. All upcoming webinars and trainings can be found here- register today!


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