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September Workshop Round-Up

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Workshops at the Nonprofit Learning Lab Available September 2022 - Get All of These and More with Membership!

Leading Teams, Partnerships, and Collaborations Towards Greater Impact - September 6 & 13th, 2022

Too often strategic planning happens in a vacuum, visions casted, momentum built, plans written -- yet the people directly impacted by the plan (clients, donors, staff, volunteers, community) are left out. This process has led to plans that have failed to meet its full potential. Community engagement, though at times unwieldy and time-consuming, is critical to truly propel all variables towards a common goal. You’ll see that when done well, a snowball effect happens, where the impossible becomes possible. Learn strategies for engaging community stakeholders while balancing organizational/group needs (ie. strategy, mission, resources). Explore ways to leverage your leadership to build a collaborative and sound planning process. Learn more here.

Embracing Accountability as an Opportunity for Growth - September 7th, 2022

Accountability is fundamental to good governance and rather than viewing this as a burden, Boards should welcome accountability as an opportunity to use reporting as a means of celebrating performance, acknowledging endeavors, and generating confidence and trust amongst stakeholders. This session will provide insight into how Boards can easily put in place processes to create and maintain cultures of transparency and honesty-based governance. Register here.

Leveraging Effective Marketing & Communications For Nonprofit Growth - September 7th, 2022

Do your marketing efforts consistently and effectively secure donations, recruit volunteers and build awareness for your organization? Have you been rinsing and repeating the same copy for years? ​Join us and learn how you can devote a limited amount of time to significantly impact the reach and outcomes of your marketing efforts. All too often, we tend to get too close to the story of our nonprofit and forget that others don’t know what we know. We may go down rabbit holes, or well-meaning committees distract or take us off mission in ways that we don’t even realize we have veered off course. In order to maximize success, we must strategically stay on-target and on-mission at all times – thus highlighting the vital importance of strategic communications for effective marketing. Learn more about this workshop here.

The 7 Components of Effective Campaign Storytelling - September 8th, 2022

No matter the goal of your digital fundraising campaign, success starts with a compelling story. The more supporters can relate to your vision and emotionally connect with your cause, the chances of them converting will rise. In this webinar, you will learn how to communicate your story to supporters in a way that is both authentic and engaging. Register for this free webinar here.

Train the Trainers Workshop: Virtual Edition - September 12th, 14th & 16th, 2022

Be a better online or in-person trainer and gain practical skills that you can implement right away. In this workshop, you'll analyze how to lead engaging small group exercises and practice methods for managing participants. We cover how to prepare as a facilitator, review adult learning practices, discuss online and in-person activity creation, curriculum design and engaged online and in-person learning. Register for this 3-part workshop series here.

Digital Strategies: Driving Revenue and Brand Awareness - September 13th, 2022

The COVID pandemic forever changed how nonprofits look at digital marketing and online fundraising. By forcing everyone to connect virtually, nonprofits had little to no choice but to begin to evaluate how they could continue to remain in the forefront of people's minds when the tried and true ways of fundraising and marketing were put on a hiatus. This workshop will walk through digital marketing and fundraising strategies to help create brand awareness and drive revenue for your organization as well as digging into how your CRM can steward donors to keep them engaged once they've been introduced to your organization. Interested in registering for this workshop? Click here!

How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Internal Communication - September 19th, 2022

Your nonprofit’s team plays an integral role in bringing your vision to life. Every team member has a natural communication style—from those chairing conversations to others quietly taking it all in. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the four different communication styles, including their strengths and blind spots. You’ll get to know your preferred style and learn tips to help you reduce friction or misunderstanding in your conversations. This will improve the way you communicate and work with your colleagues, board of directors, and even family and friends. Register for this free webinar here.

Trauma-Informed Facilitation: - September 21 & 28th, 2022

The role of a group facilitator is to ensure that group members are fully able to participate, interactions among participants go smoothly and that the group achieves its intended goal. Sometimes as a facilitator, you have to discuss difficult topics as part of a workshop, training or facilitated experience. Elements of a facilitated experience may not always go as planned especially if the group is discussing a difficult topic or sharing personal stories or narratives. As a facilitator, you want to be prepared in any situation and create the best possible experience for participants in a group. Learn more about and register for this two-part workshop here.

The Magic and Methods of Monthly Giving - September 22nd, 2022

Do you struggle to retain donors? Are you looking to acquire new donors each year to make up for those you’ve lost? The “Magic and Methods of Monthly Gifts” will explore the benefits of monthly giving programs. Combining theory and practical application, the engaging and participatory environment, will prepare participants to embrace the power and magic of monthly giving. Register for this workshop to explore the benefits of monthly giving programs, organizational readiness, and methods for implementation and follow-up. Presenter Janet Cobbs will help participants to embrace the power and magic of monthly giving. Register and learn more here!

Program Planning & Scaling: How to Build, Scale & Manage Programs to Reach Your Goals - September 29 & October 6, 2022

This workshop will explore methods and strategies to brainstorm and create ideas for the purpose of program development, scalability, sustainability, and expansion. This workshop will explore three important elements in program expansion and scaling including; the how of expanding and scaling programs, who to involve such as internal and external partners, and methods to ensure program quality. This session will incorporate opportunities for brainstorming, feedback, and an opportunity to develop an action plan to expand and scale your own programs. We will also cover strategies for nonprofit program management. Attendees will leave the workshop with actionable steps to follow in scaling their programs. Learn more and register here!

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