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July Workshop Round-Up

Happy July! Below we have provided a list of workshops we’re offering this month at the Nonprofit Learning Lab! To register and find out more about each workshop, click the workshop titles of your choice to head to the workshop page. 

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Tracy Kaufman | Candid

Seeking grants for your nonprofit? Get a detailed look at the most advanced search strategies to use in Foundation Directory, the most comprehensive grant research tool for fundraisers. Next, customize your approach to emphasize the fit with different funders. Learn how to use your GuideStar profile as a complement to your grant proposal, and how to edit your proposal to showcase the impact of your nonprofit’s work in the best possible light.

Leslie Cain | Bryn Mawr Institute, LLC

It’s funny how strategic planning isn’t really part of your team/organization's everyday work. Strategic planning can feel like “just another high-priority task.” It’s crazy to think… strategic planning requires a plan! But who has time to plan?! In this 30-minute webinar, your team will be equipped to pick up where your strategic plan left off or get started on a new planning adventure.

Maureen Miller | Mauren Miller, LLC in partnership with Consultants for Good (C4G)

Review the 5 steps for effective budget management including: connection to the strategic plan, assigning roles & responsibilities, preparation, the budget timeline, and budget implementation. Effective and efficient planning for the annual budget contributes to strong financial management foundation as well as long term financial sustainability.

Maria Bryan | Kindsight

Storytelling has the power to move hearts and minds. Marketing tradition tells us that “if it bleeds, it leads,” which is easy in nonprofit marketing since we’re solving the world’s biggest problems. Those we serve are experiencing tremendous pain and overcoming insurmountable challenges. Can we gather and share nonprofit stories in a way that protects, dignifies, and respects those we serve? This session will explore trauma-informed storytelling, a safe and healthy process for your beneficiaries, audiences, and even storytellers. You’ll be equipped with actionable insights and tools to tell trauma-informed and ethical stories that have a huge impact. Participants can expect to gain an understanding of why trauma-informed storytelling matters, learn about the three kinds of people impacted by a story, and leave with resources, tools and actionable steps to integrate trauma-informed practices into your role.

Anthony A. Dicks, Jr. | 180 Management Group

A leader or organization’s most powerful asset is not their vision, it’s their voice. Voices can create, stimulate, and inaugurate change. Nonprofit’s can change the world with "just" voices. Not in the sense of using voices alone, but in the sense of using voices that are just! In this session attendees will discover a framework for employing their leadership or organization’s voice to be a catalyst for change.

Austin Hattox | Pixel Lighthouse

Your organization's website can serve as an incredible tool for building relationships, but only when you leverage it in the right way. By following some practical best practices, you can supercharge your organization's site to draw people into your story and get visitors taking action. This session will provide insights on optimizing layout, enhancing content, and integrating interactive elements that engage visitors. We'll explore strategies to make your website not just informative, but a powerful catalyst for community involvement. Join us to learn the key strategies that make a nonprofit website effective and compelling.

Here are the problems: 1) You need to get a group of humans interested in an important topic. 2) The topic is complex. 3) There's a lot of data to share. 4) Human brains have limitations. So the challenge is to tell a story in a way that humans can understand and get behind. To do this, we need to first understand human's powers and challenges when it comes to consuming data. Then we can make better charts, maps, and graphs (aka data visualizations) given what we know about the human brain. And finally, we can present charts in a way that humans can absorb.

"Building a Fundraising Culture in the Boardroom" is a dynamic workshop designed to empower non-profit board members and volunteers with the skills needed to cultivate a culture of philanthropy within their organization. Through engaging presentations and interactive discussions, participants will learn effective strategies for fundraising, donor stewardship, and community engagement. 

Frances Roen | Fundraising Sol

What happens when a donor doesn’t respond to your meeting request? Whether your request is to take them to coffee, to offer a tour, or to request a gift — donor silence can be disheartening, but it's not the end of the road or the relationship. Join us for a workshop designed to equip fundraising professionals with strategies to navigate and engage with unresponsive donors effectively. We'll explore respectful and tactful ways to inquire again when initial meeting requests go unanswered, and effective ways to move forward with your individual fundraising program.

Meena Das | Namaste Data

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), it's crucial for nonprofit organizations to stay informed and prepared. This foundational session is designed for nonprofit professionals to demystify AI, with a particular focus on understanding biases in AI and a framework for assessing your organization's readiness to embrace AI technologies. Learning outcomes include understanding what the collective challenge with AI is and understanding what can be done when we intend to center the community at the core of the design. Promise of the session: You will work through an exercise to explore how you can design your AI values.

Beth Saunders | Beth Saunders Associates

If you’re looking for a new way to drive impact and fundraising success by leveraging your own expertise and experience, this is for you. In this session we’ll learn about the vision map, a framework that helps you center donor conversations and funding applications on the outcomes of your mission work, not just the actual work. When you get specific about what you intend to achieve – the change you are creating in the world – it becomes much easier to cultivate support. Join us and start creating your own vision map because your funders share your vision and the map shows the milestones they can help you achieve along the way. Let’s focus on outcomes and propel your impact!

Frances Trelease | Trelease Communications

In this workshop, you'll learn ways to craft a message that resonates with your audience. You'll learn how to use this valuable skill to advocate for your cause in the most engaging way possible. We'll explore the critical role of storytelling when giving a speech; ways to anticipate in advance what your audience is looking for; ideal ways to display visuals to complement your spoken word, and all those "extras" that make a good speaker a great one. We will address: crafting a powerful story; analyzing the audience, creating visual aids and slides, use of effective body language, and ways to boost credibility.

Unlock the full potential of your statistics by turning them into stories that span across multiple channels. In this workshop we delve into the art of asking questions and equip you with the skills and strategies needed to extract peak performance from your stats and stories across various mediums; in video and beyond. We'll explore how to take a stat, turn it into a story and then use that story again and again. If that's not enough, learn how to conduct a compelling interview and how to optimize the story beyond an event, campaign or social media post.

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Continuing Education Units Available: We offer continuing education units for our trainings through CFRE, ASAE, and SHRM.


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