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December Workshop Round Up

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Workshops at the Nonprofit Learning Lab Available December 2022 - Get All of These and More with Membership!

Member Peer Learning Mentor Program: Managing, Leading & Supervising Staff - December 2, 2022

Our mentorship program is a group-based, peer support network where professionals in similar positions get together (virtually) with a facilitator to explore a goal or challenge they are working towards. Read more about the first session, “Managing, Leading & Supervising Staff” here! To join as a member or read more about our current membership packages, click here!

This month we are offering 20% off all membership packages when you use code 'memberpromo20' at checkout. Read more about our current membership packages and sign up here!

Leveraging Last Minute Matching Gifts: Maximizing Your December Funding - December 5, 2022

As you work to meet your end-of-year fundraising goals, you might be overlooking one important fundraising source: corporate matching gifts. How can your organization capture these matching gifts last minute to increase your December funding? How can those matching gifts elevate your fundraising strategy and empower your donors at year-end? By the end of this webinar, you will be well-positioned to meet your year-end fundraising goals by capturing corporate matching gifts this month (& beyond)! Learn more and register for this free webinar here!

6 Proven Strategies to Increase Donations This Year-End - December 6, 2022

What if you can create a Year-End fundraising campaign that stands out from the crowd and yields amazing results? Even when Year-End is right around the corner, it’s never too late to create your campaign now. Join us for this 1-hour workshop and we'll give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create and launch an effective fundraising campaign in less than an hour. Read more about this free webinar here!

Sharing Data with your Community: To Gain Commitment for Your Mission and Purpose - December 7, 2022

Overwhelmed with how to release important data to your community? Learn how to easily share data in a way that feels relevant and actionable to those you are sharing. Communicating and sharing data with the public and community will encourage collaboration, increase trust and transparency, and inspire action! We will share four easy steps to sharing data from identifying your audience to reflecting on your process with the goal of being able to share impact and important data from your organization to the community. Register here!

Understanding Donor Affluence: The Challenges of Calculating Wealth - December 8, 2022

Is wealth a part of your screening and fundraising initiatives? It should be! Come learn about key challenges with data sources and legacy data vendors, the complexity around stitching all of this data together, and how Windfall’s unique methodology can help. Register for this free webinar here!

Find, Secure & Maintain Corporate Sponsors to Increase Revenue & Build Your Brand - December 12, 2022

Corporate sponsors can be key partners in aiding nonprofits to raise more funds. Corporate sponsorship support can help your nonprofit enhance its reputation, reach new audiences and communities, raise funds, attract new board members and volunteers, and build your brand and programs. We'll dive into understanding what corporate sponsors want and expect, two key components for ensuring a healthy working relationship with your corporate sponsor. Read more about this 1-hour workshop here!

Effective Staff Supervision: How to be a Better Supervisor: December 6 + 13, 2022

Managing staff isn’t easy with employees that work hybrid or virtual, off site at programs or are transitioning back to the office. As a supervisor, there is a balance between micro-managing and believing in the skills of your employees for why you hired them in their roles. This workshop will dive into supervision strategies including monitoring, feedback, supervision methods and how to build a high-performing team. Learn more about and register for this two-part workshop here.

Fundraising Made Simple: Simplified Donation Management to Amplified Donation Results - December 15, 2022

Are you paying too much for your donor management software that you do not like, and you can’t get the support you need? Are opportunities slipping through the cracks because you can’t keep track? Through this workshop, you will learn how a simple donor management ecosystem will result in your organization achieving sustainable funding, what the Giving Cycle is, and how to use a donor pipeline to manage every donor ask. Register for this free webinar here!

Trauma-Informed Facilitation: December 7 + 14, 2022

The role of a group facilitator is to ensure that group members are fully able to participate, interactions among participants go smoothly and that the group achieves its intended goal. Sometimes as a facilitator, you have to discuss difficult topics as part of a workshop, training or facilitated experience. Elements of a facilitated experience may not always go as planned especially if the group is discussing a difficult topic or sharing personal stories or narratives. As a facilitator, you want to be prepared in any situation and create the best possible experience for participants in a group. Learn more about and register for this two-part workshop here.

How to Train, Engage, & Retain Virtual & On-site Volunteers - December 15, 2022

Do you rely on volunteers? Are you finding it difficult to recruit new volunteers? This live workshop covers strategies on how to recruit, train and engage volunteers whether your organization offers in-person, virtual or hybrid volunteer opportunities. During this hour session, we will review strategies to manage, recruit, interview and train new and returning volunteers. Interested in learning more about this workshop? Register here!

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