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Three Tips to Make Your Virtual Gala a Success

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Now that people have seen the benefits of virtual events, they are certainly here to stay. Looking to really knock your next Virtual Gala out of the park? We've compiled this list of 3 tips to get you started and keep you going. Hope you enjoy!

1. Keep it Simple

Virtual and hybrid galas are here to stay and it is important to use the lessons learned from hosting galas throughout the pandemic. It is important to keep the gala itself brief, since participants may become less engaged the longer they are sitting in front of their screens. We recommend keeping your gala’s run of show short, specific, and air-tight to help ensure participant engagement. We also recommend pre-recording any speeches or interviews you may incorporate into your event to help guarantee a smooth and professional event.

2. Start Your Silent Auction Early

Raising funds for your organization and mission is one of the top priorities of hosting your gala. To ensure you are maximizing your fundraising to reach your goals, we recommend that you begin fundraising at least 21 days prior to your gala using an auction software. Doing so will allow you to begin accumulating donations prior to the event to bolster the amount raised during your actual event.

3. Cultivate Enticing Promotional Content

Keeping participants engaged is one of the most common challenges of hosting galas in the virtual space. In order to keep participants enticed and focused, it is beneficial to incorporate guest speakers, videos and other multimedia mediums, and a variety of live hosts into your gala. It is recommended that the inclusion of any guest speakers be pre-recorded and played as videos during your event to ensure the smooth execution of your event.

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