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Communicating with your Staff: Platforms for Organizing and Tracking Performance

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

As an organization, it can be difficult to manage the training and development of new staff, interns, or volunteers.

Below are some, free or low-cost platforms we recommend implementing in your organization to help support the communication, management, and tracking the performance of your new or current employees:

1. Slack

Whether your organization works remotely or in person, finding the appropriate method of communication for your team is essential when onboarding, or even communicating with current or trained employees. Message-based platforms like Slack, Discourse or GroupMe, can help streamline communication within an organization. Slack also offers the ability to create various communication channels that help connect groups of employees. When onboarding new staff, it can be helpful to create specific training channels used to communicate questions about employee policies or specific areas of work related to your organization.

2. Trello

Sometimes it can be difficult to track who does what and when. Trello helps workplaces stay organized when managing projects and delegating tasks to staff. Whether your organization works remotely or in person, Trello can help the workplace understand what needs to be done, who on staff will be responsible for managing or completing the task, and when the task needs to be completed. Features like checklists, adding attachments, and assigning due dates and reminders to each task are available to add to each task.

3. Microsoft 365 Planner

Several nonprofits manage customer relations and internal organization with tools included in Microsoft Office. Utilizing several software and platforms can be tricky to manage and incorporate within your organization. Streamlining this process by looking into the software you are already paying for and utilizing can be beneficial and financially effective for your organization. Microsoft Planner is a great tool for organizations that utilize other Microsoft Office tools. This free planner can connect directly to Outlook email and calendar accounts.

4. Troop Messenger

Troop Messager is a great free alternative to Slack or other direct internal communication platforms your organization could utilize. This platform is great for communicating with small to mid-sized groups regionally or even globally. Features like screen sharing during video calls, file sharing, and even real-time API integrations to help manage communication with customers or clients.

5. Culture Amp

Designed to support managers, staff, and teams, Culture Amp is a great, non-biased performance tracking and management software that could help your organization understand the areas and projects that need more support, as well as generate performance reports for boards or other leadership staff. This software comes with features that help organizations track long-term projects, and annual and quarterly goals, as well as develop important conversations between managers and staff.

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