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April Workshop Round-Up

Updated: Jun 9

You're in luck! This month we are offering a variety of new workshops! Click the workshop title you are interested in attending to learn more and register for an upcoming session. Interested in attending at a discounted rate? Check out our current individual and organizational membership packages here!

How to Create a Case Statement For Funding Support: Templates & Methods to Develop a Case Statement - April 3, 2023

A fully developed case statement is crucial to a grant proposal, capital campaign, end-of-year campaign, or one-on-one donor solicitation. A case statement illustrates the work of a nonprofit. The core components of a case statement should serve as an inspiration to funders whether during a 1:1 solicitation or a grant application. Staff, board members, and volunteers can use information from a case statement to convey important information to the community, funders, foundations, and key stakeholders. Join us for this workshop to review the core components of a case statement using a template provided and get started writing, updating, or revising your organization's case statement.

Empower Volunteers to Fundraise: Affinity Groups, Peer to Peer & Leadership Committees - April 3, 2023

“Affinity fundraising” is a strategy that utilizes the power of peer-to-peer fundraising to help raise money for your nonprofit. Using volunteers to help raise funds for your mission can leverage the volunteers' network, resources and talents. This workshop will provide step by step guidance on how to create and implement affinity style fundraising whether it is a peer to peer campaign on social media, affinity groups or internal leadership committees that fundraise on behalf of the organization.

Turning your Strategic Plan into an Action Plan - April 4, 2023

Turn your nonprofit's strategic plan into an action plan that guides, inspires, and empowers. In this webinar, attendees will learn realistic approaches to sustain a dynamic planning process. Attendees will also learn strategies to create shorter-term objectives, continue to engage your stakeholders and staff, and create a culture of shared accountability through transparency and progress sharing. Go from strategic plan to action plan and successfully implement your nonprofit’s strategic goals!

Fundraising from Corporate Sponsors: Find & Track Prospects, Secure New Gifts and Retain Sponsors - April 12, 2023

Corporate sponsors can be key partners in aiding nonprofits to raise more funds. Join us for this webinar to learn strategies on how to not just secure, but maintain these often vital partnerships. Corporate sponsorship support can help your nonprofit enhance its reputation, reach new audiences and communities, raise funds, attract new board members and volunteers, and build your brand and programs. We'll dive into understanding what corporate sponsors want and expect, two key components for ensuring a healthy working relationship with your corporate sponsor.

Fundraising Made Simple: Simplified Donation Management to Amplified Donation Results - April 13, 2023

Are you paying too much for your donor management software that you do not like and you can’t get the support you need? Is it hard to tell what donor engagement activities are getting done, even though your team is always busy? Are opportunities slipping through the cracks because you can’t keep track? Worry no more! Join us as we learn about how to go from Donation to Celebration. Through this workshop you will learn how a simple donor management ecosystem will result in your organization achieving sustainable funding, what the Giving Cycle is, and how to use a donor pipeline to manage every donor ask.

The Secrets to Designing Great Surveys: Your Toolkit of Do's & Don'ts of Effective Surveys - April 17, 2023

Behind every impact story is a really great survey. Surveys do not have to be complicated or long to be powerful and useful for your organization. Making sure that you are asking precisely the right questions to support the story you are trying to tell and creatively folding survey administration into your workflow is really key. This workshop will highlight the secret to designing great surveys to help support your organization in its journey to share its story.

From Research to Award: A Creative & Strategic Approach to Winning Grants - April 17, 2023

Grant writing: two words that can induce fear in the nonprofit space. During this workshop, presenter Joanna Drew will provide a strategic lens from which to view the entire grants process -- from research and funder cultivation to proposal and budget creation. Attendees can expect to learn a new way of thinking about the entire grants process, including how to assess if their organization is grant-ready, how to create a cohesive grant proposal, and finally, how to maintain a relationship with the funder post-grant award. Grant writing is an art and a science, so let's delve deep into how your organization can find (and win!) grants.

Effective Coalitions & Collaborations: Leading Teams To Greater Impact, Parts 1 & 2 - April 18 & 25, 2023

Now more than ever we need strong, diverse, effective leaders. Leaders with passionate hearts and strategic minds. We’ll share the top skills needed for successful leaders today. Gain insights to improve your own leadership, by leading teams and partnerships towards greater impact. Increase your leadership skills as well as your ability to influence and gain buy-in. Strengthen your team, organization, and meet mission-driven goals.

Trauma-Informed Facilitation: Incorporating TI Practices in Group Conversations & Training, Parts 1 & 2 - April 19 & 26, 2023

This workshop will cover how to use trauma-informed facilitation practices to plan, create and design. Using trauma-informed principles of facilitation, the workshop will cover the structure and format of facilitated experience, review how to create an agenda, design a facilitated experience, and how to handle disclosures, disruptions, and other facilitation challenges. Participants in this workshop will learn how to better navigate situations that may arise with adult participants in a facilitated experience.

Our Roles in Creating Inclusive Environments - April 26, 2023

This webinar will also explore ways to identify and disrupt bias on personal, professional, and community levels, as well as how to create a personal mission, vision, and philosophy statements to remain accountable to their role in creating inclusive social environments. Additionally, how to practice honoring values and commitments to the communities and environments the attendees participate in. Participants will be given worksheets to help them define core values and create personal philosophy statements to refer back to so they can practice honoring their values and commitments to the communities and environments they influence.

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