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UCLA Master of Legal Studies: A Legal Degree for Professional Advancement

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This is a guest blog and is posted with permission from Elsa Duong of the UCLA School of Law.

The Master of Legal Studies is a degree to advance your career and gain a deeper understanding of the legal and regulatory issues as it surrounds your industry or sector. The law reaches all industries and levels, whether you work in compliance, government, health care or technology. Those professionals who are not already lawyers, such as executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, journalists and more, would greatly benefit from a Master of Legal Studies degree. Many professions are routinely exposed to legal and regulatory issues, and while you may not need to be fully practicing lawyer, a master’s degree in law will allow you to excel above the fold with the knowledge of the law by your side.

At UCLA School of Law, the faculty have exclusively designed the Master of Legal Studies program for working professionals in all fields, including nonprofit and government sectors, to educate and provide them with the skills, training and knowledge that will allow them to “think like a lawyer.”

From Vice Dean for Graduate and Professional Education Russell Korobkin: “The program is designed with two distinct types of benefits: Approximately half of the course work will be new courses specifically designed for M.L.S. students…[to] teach students to “think like a lawyer” – to understand how the law operates in the American society, how lawyers reason and solve complicated problems, and how they communicate and advocate. The other half of the course work allows students to take courses from the upper-level law school curriculum, studying side-by-side with J.D. students, in their particular area of interest and professional need….Our MLS graduates will have both strong training in legal analysis and reasoning and substantive expertise in a particular area….[W]e can provide a huge amount of value in a carefully-designed one-year master’s degree program.

For more information about UCLA School of Law’s Master of Legal Studies program, download our e-brochure here.



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