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Technology is Taking Over: 3 Current Trends in Nonprofit Technology

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In recent years, society has been impacted by uncontrollable forces, such as COVID-19, forcing organizations to learn how to adapt quickly. Advancements and shifts in technology trends are important to stay up to date with for any industry, and the nonprofit industry is not an exception. As society continues to evolve with the times, the nonprofit industry has followed suit to keep up with current trends and remain successful.

Below are 3 current trends in technology that the nonprofit industry is implementing for success:

1. Technology has made its way into almost every aspect of everyday life and the impacts of COVID-19 have highlighted this. The Nonprofit industry has incorporated technology as a way to connect with wider audiences and maximize success. Fundraising events are being shifted to include hybrid and virtual options to allow attendees to participate from the comfort of their own homes. Platforms, such as zoom and Gotowebinar allow Nonprofits to hold events virtually as well as offer live stream and recording options that make fundraising more flexible.

To learn more about navigating the technology of online events, take a look at our free downloadable tip sheet ‘How to Handle the ‘Tech’ of Meeting Online’ here.

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2. The use of technology in marketing has also become a popular trend in promoting the goals of nonprofits. It has been shown that fundraiser advertisements with videos connected to them are more successful in gaining donations. Along with this, the more candid a video, the better it is received. This is to say that donors are more likely to contribute to a cause that they can visualize as well as one that feels personal. Additionally, social media has become an essential tool for connecting with donors and promoting campaigns. As the majority of society has developed the habit of scrolling through social media platforms in their free time, promoting campaigns on these platforms is a great way to spread the word and engage donor audiences.

Interested in learning more about marketing? Check out our free downloadable guidebook ‘6 Event Marketing Tips to Increase Event Registrations’ here.

To learn more about how to successfully use social media to your advantage, Check out our training, ‘How to Beat the Social Media Algorithm’ here.

3. The shift to virtual events has led to a need for online payment options. As people are capable of attending a fundraising event from anywhere in the world, they should also have the ability to donate to a cause with the same convenience. Online payment methods, such as digital wallets, are something society has become familiar with, especially since COVID-19. Creating this option for donors makes their experience of giving to your organization more convenient and allows an organization to maximize profits.

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