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Our 10 Favorite Giving Tuesday Tips to Raise More for Year End Giving

Giving Tuesday inspires many to open our hearts and lend a helping hand to those in need, whether it be through charitable contributions, acts of kindness, or volunteerism. Giving Tuesday can also be a way to help organizations launch into their year-end giving campaigns. The holiday season presents opportunities for your nonprofit to succeed in fundraising, and there is no better way to start this effective year-end fundraising effort than by taking part in Giving Tuesday! Use these tips to prepare for year-end giving and raise awareness for your organization.

Tip #1: Meet to Set Goals

Start fundraising campaigns strategically by holding an internal meeting to set clear goals. At the meeting, involve key team members from marketing, communications, and fundraising to collaboratively craft a strategy. This proactive approach can help teams narrow down goals and develop a focused Giving Tuesday strategy. By planning in advance, teams can establish a systematic approach for making donor calls by blocking out dedicated time in the calendar. Planning in advance helps a team stay focused on the goal and not feel overwhelmed in the moment.

Tip #2: Segment and Delegate

To maximize fundraising efforts, first create segmentations within the donor database to identify specific groups or individuals who are more likely to contribute. This allows tailored outreach and messaging effectively. Second, delegate the task of making fundraising calls to capable individuals within the organization. To manage a donor list effectively, segment it based on different criteria, such as first-time donors, regular donors, monthly donors, past event attendees, and lapsed donors from the past 2-10 years. A targeted approach allows for personalized interactions. Delegating spreads the workload and engages more potential supporters.

Tip #3: Call Donors

When reaching out to donors, it's essential to follow up email communications with a phone call to deepen the connection and inspire continued support. Use a segmented list to be able to prioritize who to call. Additionally, create a script before making any donor calls. A script helps people stay organized, ensures covering key points, and provides confidence during potentially awkward moments. Be sure to include a plan for handling any unexpected or challenging conversations.

Tip #4: Utilize Volunteers

Supporters don't have to contribute financially to be valuable or to be involved with Giving Tuesday campaigns. Engage them in other ways to enhance retention and foster lasting relationships. Encourage volunteers to promote Giving Tuesday on their social media platforms, leveraging their networks to increase campaign visibility and reach. This grassroots approach not only amplifies the message but also deepens community involvement, ultimately strengthening a nonprofit's impact.

Tip #5: Automate Administrative Tasks

“Automation can streamline the routine and administrative tasks of year-end giving efforts. When organizations automate their busy work, they free themselves to focus on meaningful, strategic work, maximizing their impact.” - Lainie Johnson, Jotform

Check out our free webinar recording here with Jotform to learn more about automation!

Tip #6: Test the Donation Page (and test it again!)

A donation page will be an essential aspect for Giving Tuesday fundraising due to the online nature of Giving Tuesday. It is crucial to make sure the donation page and website are running smoothly and are easy for donors to use. A complicated or slow giving page may scare potential donors away. Don’t forget to double check the form works!

Tip #7: Gearing Up for Year-End Giving

Giving Tuesday can be a launch to year-end giving preparations by generating momentum and excitement. By engaging donors through compelling storytelling and online fundraising efforts, organizations can leverage this day to express gratitude, secure matching grants, and implement multichannel marketing strategies, expanding their reach and attracting new supporters. Don’t forget to cover all the bases by incorporating email, direct mail, and social media. Check out this blog post by M+R for data on Giving Tuesday and year-end campaigns.

Tip #8: Cultivation and Retention

Retaining supporters should be a top priority when running any campaign and this is no different on Giving Tuesday! Bringing in new donors always costs more than retaining current ones. When thinking long-term, a nonprofit's main goal should be to interact with its supporters and create enduring bonds. When planning for Giving Tuesday, create a strategy that focuses on long-term fundraising success as well as securing donations.

Tip #9: Register for #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday has a website where organizations can sign up for free! While organizations do not have to register to participate in Giving Tuesday, it can be another great way to get involved and open the door for new opportunities.

Tip #10: Say Thank You

Don’t forget to thank donors, volunteers, and staff! Thank you’s are extremely important to cultivation and stewardship. When writing a thank you letter, make sure they are personal, tangible, creative, and donor-centric.

Giving Tuesday offers a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your year-end giving campaigns with a heartfelt impact. By implementing these strategies, your organization can not only raise more funds but also strengthen connections with supporters, ultimately making a more significant and lasting difference in the lives of those you aim to help. Embrace Giving Tuesday as a catalyst for positive change and year-end success in your charitable endeavors.

Additionally, here are a few other fundraising trainings we have coming up!

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