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How to Recruit Quality Remote Nonprofit Employees

Recruiting quality remote nonprofit employees is essential for organizations looking to make a meaningful impact in today's digital age. As the nonprofit sector increasingly embraces remote work, finding the right talent who can thrive in a virtual environment becomes a critical challenge. We explore effective strategies to recruit quality remote nonprofit employees for your nonprofit organization.

1. Take your time writing a great job listing. A job listing for an open position is a tool for recruitment. It is crucial that the listing is accurate, detailed and inviting. Outline your nonprofit's mission and company values, describe the position’s areas of responsibility (not daily tasks), and highlight employee benefits and salary. Proofread the listing before posting it. Job listings provide an opportunity to make a great first impression. Use that to your advantage!

2. Clearly outline the specifics of remote or hybrid work. Clearly state if the position is remote or hybrid. If the position is remote, are employees expected to work from their house everyday, or can they travel? If the position is hybrid, specify how many days per week are in-office and where that location will be. If there is a location requirement, specify that in the job listing. This will reduce the number of applicants who aren’t in the right location and save you time when reviewing applications.

3. Feature your employee benefits package. Perhaps you provide a week off during the winter holidays, pay for a portion of employees’ continuing education, or allow employees to set their own schedule. Maybe you offer a robust health benefits package, generous paid time off, retirement match, or life insurance. Highlight these benefits in the job listing! Nonprofit applicants seeking a long-term commitment with an organization want to know that their new employer supports work/life balance.

4. Post the job listing on relevant job boards. Don’t waste time posting on every possible job board you can find. Find a handful of nonprofit job boards that reach the audience you want to attract. A few examples of organizations that offer nonprofit job boards are Nonprofit Learning Lab, Idealist, Work for Good, National Council of Nonprofits and Foundation List. You can also find nonprofit job boards on our Job Board Hub.

5. Hold Video Interviews. Video interviews are a great way to get to know candidates when you’re not able to meet in-person. At the beginning of the interview, welcome the candidate and introduce them to each person on the call. After the interview, explain next steps in the interview process. Serious candidates will be looking for a team that they enjoy working with and who values their experience, input and time.

6. Follow up with references.

Reference checks are important in remote work, so take the time to call or email the candidate’s provided references. Ask thoughtful, open-ended questions about previous work habits and performance. Structure your questions to get an idea of how the candidate works with a team, what skills set them apart from other employees, what they could improve upon, and if the candidate’s previous employers would recommend the person for the new role.

With the right plan, your nonprofit can build a remote team ready to make a meaningful impact. Are you hiring? Check out our nonprofit job board! Members post job listings for free, so join today and start posting. Or, book a meeting with our membership team to learn more.


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