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Have You Seen Our Guidebooks?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Everyone learns differently - whether it’s preferences for reading, meetings in person, listening to a training, or watching a how-to video. At the Nonprofit Learning Lab, we try to meet all these needs while striving to help out with your nonprofit’s sustainability. When bringing groups of people together to discuss an important issue within your organization or you’re just hoping to refresh everyone’s understanding of a certain topic, guidebooks can be a great place to start. We’ve taken the liberty of outlining some of the guidebooks we have available for free download below to give you a better idea of what is available, and to jumpstart your nonprofit activities.


This step-by-step guidebook provides an overview of creating a case statement, an in-depth document that explains an organization’s purpose and its rationale for fundraising. Also included are activities and worksheets to guide executive leadership, board members, and staff on developing the core content within a case statement. These resources can be used during staff meetings, training, and retreats.


This guidebook provides analysis, strategy, and guidance on effectively managing a nonprofit board of directors. A high-performing board is a good indication of a healthy nonprofit. Alternatively, a low-performing board often creates inefficiencies within a nonprofit and a difficult work environment for staff members, board members, and volunteers. This guidebook provides information on managing a board and mitigating potential pitfalls and includes interactive activities staff and board members can utilize to create a more effective board.


This guidebook provides an overview for creating a fundraising plan, a roadmap to help an organization achieve its fundraising goals. The guidebook includes fundraising strategies, details on drafting a plan, and sample templates, activities, and worksheets to guide staff, board members, and fundraising committee members on developing a fundraising plan. These resources should be reviewed and utilized to prepare organizations for developing a fundraising plan.

Check out our other guidebooks on our website. Have a question about any of the guidebook information? Send us an email at Two of our current guidebooks are provided by our fantastic sponsors, Windfall Data and Pursuant. Does your organization have a guidebook they’d be interested in sharing? Let us know, and check out more information on sponsorship here.


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