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Goal Setting for 2021: Small Steps to Getting It Done in 2021

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

2020 was difficult for everyone. Achieving goals at work when you feel overwhelmed can be hard. Sometimes, when life is challenging or routine suddenly change, it can be hard to accomplish tasks. Goals help you achieve what you want to accomplish. Taking small steps and breaking down the tasks that you have to do to achieve the goals can help you achieve what you are setting out to do.

When goal planning, it can helpful to reflect on the following:

Resources you need to achieve the goal: You can think of resources of physical resources or personal time such as 1 hour a day or a longer time block. If you want to recruit four new board members in 2021, what are some physical resources that you might need to achieve that goal? Or if you want to build a new website your nonprofit, what are some physical or time resources that you might need to set aside?

Create small tasks to help you accomplish the bigger goal: It is helpful to break down goals into small tasks so that the goal feel manageable. If you have a 6 month goal that might take some time to accomplish, what are some small task that you can work in a week, 2 weeks or a 3 months to get you to achieve the 6 month goal?

Mentors or individuals that you could seek out to help you get there: It can be helpful to speak to colleagues, supervisors, consultants, friends and others who have areas of expertise in what you are trying to accomplish. Put together a list of people that could help you in achieving your goals or who may have advice to help you! Looking to expand a program or scale up a nonprofit program? Talk to someone that has done what you are about to strive towards. Hearing others' experiences will help you realize what work you need to do to get the 6 month goal accomplished. Draft up a list of folks that you think would be helpful to speak too related to the goal.

Download our free goal setting worksheet to help you achieve your goals in 2021.


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