Developing a Case


This worksheet focuses on six guiding questions that staff and board members should be able to answer when developing a case statement. Questions from this worksheet could be integrated into a board retreat, meeting, or onboarding for new board members. 

What Makes Your 

Organization Unique

This is a two page worksheet and is a great resource to use when developing a case statement or if your organization is taking a step back and re-imaging their mission and vision. Being able to express what your makes your organization unique helps define programs and services. It will also help your organization attract new donors, supporters, program recipients, board members, and friends. 


Creating a

Fundraising Plan 

This worksheet focuses on several guiding questions, fundraising challenges, potential or past successes, new opportunities, and organizational goals. This worksheet is very important to the process of developing a fundraising plan. Staff member and fundraising committee members should be able to answer most if not all the questions in this document prior to developing a yearly fundraising plan. 

Donor Cultivation 

and Stewardship 

This worksheet focuses on determining potential strategies for donor cultivation and stewardship. Reviewing these strategies is a good opportunity for organizational leaders to determine additional cultivation and stewardship methods that they would like to implement or improve upon. 


Donor Prospecting

This worksheet helps staff members and board members prepare prior to direct donor solicitations. Understanding where donors are in terms of affinity and capacity to an organization is an essential step in the process before a direct solicitation.  

Year End Campaign Sample Timeline 

Year end campaigns are very important for nonprofits in attaining their antipated yearly revenue. Nonprofits must begin planning for a year end campaign before October or November comes around. This document is a sample timeline that can be used as a guide to help prepare development professionals for the variety of tasks that go into a year end campaign. 


Looking Forward: Setting Your Goals

 Set yourself up for success in achieving goals. Take the time to reflect on how you are going to get there and the small steps you have to take to achieve the goal.


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