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Free Nonprofit Resources: Boost Your Nonprofit Expertise

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

As part of our nonprofit mission, the Nonprofit Learning Lab is committed to providing free nonprofit resources for the nonprofit community. Accessibility is key, so we have created over 100+ hours of free nonprofit resources from downloadable guidebooks to our nonprofit webinars series on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These resources are designed to help executive directors, c-suite staff, development directors, program directors and coordinators, volunteer managers, operation directors, and board members. Our resources are focused on a variety of topics to help increase the sustainability of your nonprofit. Ready to get started? Grab a coworker, manager, or community member and dive into our nonprofit trainings below.

Activity Sheets

Our activity sheets are quick and printable, ready to help nonprofit professionals brainstorm on a variety of topics. These worksheets outline a variety of topics from creating a fundraising plan to developing a case statement. You’ll need a pen or pencil for this one - start brainstorming or reviewing your current plans now!

Consultants Directory

Getting people connected gets things done. Search our nonprofit consultant directory by areas of expertise and geographic location to connect with consultants dedicated to offering their expertise to the nonprofit community. Whether you’re in need of some data analytics aid, video production assistance, or are looking for a new CRM, you’ll find what you need as you browse through this resource.


Need something more in-depth than an activity or tip sheet? Browse our step-by-step, downloadable guidebooks to jumpstart your work towards creating a case statement, fundraising plan, planned giving, board development, and much more. For those interested in donor prospecting, we suggest you take a look at our most recent addition from Windfall Data on wealth screening.

Free Webinars

We host multiple free webinars every month, with new topics being added at least once a week. Our presenters cover topics from data analytics to fundraising in addition to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We think everyone should have access to quality, nonprofit training, and our free webinars are the perfect way to get started.

Lab Notes: Blog

If you’re looking for our blog - you’ve found it! We update our blog a few times a month with nonprofit tips and tricks and other nonprofit insider information. Interested in guest writing? Submit a proposal for us here - we’d love to hear from you!

Tip Sheets

Beginning a new initiative and want to make sure you’ve got everything covered? Our tip sheets include checklists for professionals and organizations with an attention to detail. Brainstorm answers to questions such as, how will we engage our volunteers? Do we have a plan for the style and design of our annual report? And do we have a clear call to action in our donor letters? Just one page, our tip sheets are here to help.

Nonprofit Job Board

On the hunt for a new nonprofit job? Head over to our job boards page to view a variety of national job boards and secure your ultimate dream job in the nonprofit sector. If your organization hosts its own job board, let us know by submitting your information here. We are always on the lookout for new boards to add to our website, and our current postings frequently add new positions.

Partner Directory

Our partners help nonprofit organizations tackle a variety of problems, from connecting nonprofit professionals to donation management. In exchange for sharing our resources with their networks, program partners receive various discounts and access to trainings. Sounds like something your organization may be interested in? Fill out our Become a Program Partner form today.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

Looking for resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion and how to implement anti-racist practices in your community? This in-depth page has articles, podcasts, workshop recordings, and more to help you create change in your community. Engage individually, or share this resource with your network.

Virtual Gala Tips

Nonprofits across the country quickly shifted in the spring of 2020 to hosting their in-person fundraisers on zoom, facebook live and other platforms. Check out our quick tips for hosting better virtual galas and events in 2021.

Looking for more in-depth nonprofit trainings, nonprofit webinar or nonprofit resources? Check out our additional nonprofit trainings that offer a deep dive on a variety of topics from nonprofit fundraising, volunteer management, board development and more:


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