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December Workshop Round-Up

Updated: May 8

December is here! Below we have provided a list of workshops we’re offering this month at the Nonprofit Learning Lab! To register and find out more about each workshop, click the workshop titles of your choice to head to the workshop page. Our memberships provide discounts to all our paid trainings - along with many other benefits. Learn more about our memberships here.

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George Weiner | Whole Whale

Join Whole Whale, a leading nonprofit digital agency, for a dynamic and interactive webinar that explores the world of tools like ChatGPT and its potential to create meaningful social impact. We’ll discuss how AI can empower nonprofits to enhance your work and achieve your mission more effectively. Whether you're looking to enhance storytelling, generate compelling content, or drive engagement, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the power of AI in making a positive impact.

Julie Ha Truong | Leadership Savvy

Now more than ever we need strong, diverse, effective leaders. Leaders with passionate hearts and strategic minds. We’ll share the top skills needed for successful leaders today. Gain insights to improve your own leadership, by leading teams and partnerships towards greater impact. Increase your leadership skills as well as your ability to influence and gain buy-in. Strengthen your team, organization, and meet mission-driven goals. Day 1 will provide a framework for understanding today’s leadership skills, as well as managing team and group dynamics. Day 2 will dive into strategies for effectively leading in partnership. Learn the 5 keys to successful collaborations. Both days will include interactive exercises and actionable tools for leading groups.

Lynne Wester | iWave

Whether it is Giving Tuesday, your organization’s own giving day, or a community foundation matching day, chances are your organization has been involved in a time-limited giving effort. These campaigns help your organization raise new funds, identify new donors, and quickly increase your social media presence. But the work doesn’t stop when the clock strikes midnight. What happens the day after Giving Day? How do you acknowledge gifts and retain donors? Do you have a strategic plan for new donors? How does donor relations play a role in these efforts? Join Lynne Wester, Principal and Founder of DRG , as she discusses Giving Tuesday giving days, how they impact your organization, and ways to make the most of the generosity.

Betsy Block | B3 Coach

When you want to empower change on your team, you want to leverage the strengths of the whole team regardless of how they navigate change. This interactive workshop introduces a simple model of the three response styles to change. Once recognized, leaders can build stronger relationships on the team, and how to work with the advantages -- and challenges -- of each style. This will be an interactive, highly engaged workshop!

Almost every Nonprofit organization has two superpowers. The first is the data that they have packed away in databases and spreadsheets, often collecting virtual dust on their servers. The second is the visual faculties of their donors, board members, and staff members. While most of us glaze over at the sight of a spreadsheet, humans are wired to process visual information at lightning speed. By showing data in engaging visual formats, we can conquer common nonprofit challenges. All attendees will also get a list of resources to pump up the knowledge and skills you acquired at the webinar.

Struggling to implement your nonprofit's strategic plan? Not sure how to inspire action on your strategic priorities beyond the final draft? Learn how to sustain a dynamic planning process that guides, inspires, and empowers. This workshop will cover realistic strategies for infusing plan priorities and goals throughout every level of your organization. From creating shorter-term objectives, continuing to engage your stakeholders and staff, and creating a culture of shared accountability, you can turn your strategic plan into an action plan!

Ginny Waller | Waller Consulting

This session will help nonprofit leaders rebuild their boards into the governance models and fundraising machines they have only dreamed about. Former Executive Director turned consultant and trainer Ginny Waller will take you through the steps of identification, solicitation, and engagement of the “right” board members. If you are ready to make a practical plan to build a board of governance rockstars, this is the training for you!

Crystal Coats | Legacy Consulting Group

Having clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities is the key to creating successful teams. Establishing Group Norms and Group Agreements helps ensure your teams remain focused and expectations are managed. In this session we will review the purpose of Group Norms and Agreements, where and when to use them, and how to get started. This session is ideal for anyone leading organizations or teams.

Jamie Matusek | Bloom Communications

In working with nonprofits, we have found that leadership is extremely passionate about the organization’s mission and cause, but could often use additional support in running the operational side of the business. Additionally, nonprofits spend a lot of time planning PR and marketing strategies to reach external audiences, but it’s equally as important to effectively communicate with those inside your organization. In this webinar, we will explore the crucial role internal communications play in culture development. We will address how creating an internal communications strategy can promote transparency, build trust, increase employee/volunteer/donor engagement and productivity, and ultimately impact the bottom line. You will leave this workshop with practical tools and strategies to enhance internal communications within your organization.

Stephanie Cory | Stephanie Cory Consulting

As volunteer leaders, board members play a critical role in their organizations’ success. Learn the fundamentals of effective governance through exploring the basic roles and responsibilities of the board and for individual board members. Explore what board members’ fiduciary duties—of care, loyalty and obedience—are really about. Learn what guidance the Standards for Excellence Code provides for board leadership. This webinar will equip you with the tools you need to institute best practices for your board and fulfill your obligations as an individual board member.

Continuing Education Units Available: We offer continuing education units for our trainings through CFRE, ASAE, and SHRM.

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