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Cybersecurity 101

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This is a sponsored blog post by Community IT Innovators.

Do you know your cybersecurity risks at your nonprofit? Is your insurance provider asking questions about your cybersecurity practices that you don’t know how to answer? When did you last update your written cybersecurity policies, or conduct a staff training on recognizing email scams? If you were hit with ransomware do you have backups in place to restore your systems, or would you have to pay? Are you ready to stop worrying and start taking action?

This free and confidential nonprofit cybersecurity self-quiz will walk you through foundational cybersecurity must-haves that every nonprofit should implement. You’ll develop a check list of what you already have in place, and where you need work. This quiz will help you evaluate your organization’s vulnerabilities, and give you an idea of where your nonprofit can improve. It should take about 10 minutes of your time and you will be emailed your results automatically and privately. This self-assessment will help you learn where your weaknesses and strengths lie, and form a plan to invest in training your people, improving your processes, and implementing basic security systems like Multi-factor Authentication for peace of mind.


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