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Critical Questions About Strategic Planning

This is a guest blog post and is being posted with permission from Ann Quinn of Quinn Strategy Group.

Every strategic decision you make has the power to make or break your organization.

Whether it's a decision related to your overarching strategic plan or to key resource planning, go-to-market or growth strategy, product/service mix, pricing strategy, CEO transition, there's always a lot on the line.

This means asking a lot of questions – especially if you're thinking of bringing in an outside adviser.

If you're considering doing that, start with these 5:

Why should I use a strategic adviser to plan for next year? You'll spend less time and have a more robust process and a more actionable plan if you use the right trusted adviser.

Why should I use a strategic adviser when I know my business better than anyone? That’s exactly why an outside perspective is so important. A strategic adviser challenges your assumptions, looks at things with a fresh eye and doesn’t have any sacred cows. That product that doesn’t sell, that marketing strategy that hasn’t delivered an ROI, that team member who isn’t performing – a trusted adviser keeps you honest and doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

How does your approach and expertise compare to other advisers? I have a proven process and methodology to working with my clients to turn strategy into action and measure results. Ask any of the dozens of clients with whom I’ve worked and they’ll tell you how my approach, process and deliverable is different than other advisers in the market. 

What's happening in the broader market? I work with a range of businesses, across industries and have a comprehensive view of current markets and external conditions to help organizational leaders understand what it means for them. As a leader, you need to factor this external data into your decision making and planning. If you're interested in learning more, give me a call. I want to answer this question in a way that's very specific to your organization.

Why does this matter to me? As an organizational leader, your stakeholders are counting on you to set strategy and execute strongly. You need to get it “right”. My job is to help you understand the state of the external environment, your internal capacity and give you the analysis you need to get clarity around your vision, determine the strategies to turn vision into action and produce measurable results.



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