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August Workshop Round-Up

Updated: May 8

August is here! Below we have provided a list of workshops we’re offering this month at the Nonprofit Learning Lab! To register and find out more about each workshop, click the workshop titles of your choice to head to the workshop page. Our memberships provide discounts to all our paid trainings - along with many other benefits. Learn more about our memberships here.

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Laura Sundstrom | Illuminary Perspectives

Having a learning culture promotes continuous improvement and supports the achievement of goals, innovation, and the ability to adapt to change. Learning cultures bring benefits for clients, staff, and organizational sustainability. Embracing, fostering, and maintaining a culture of learning within your organization can help you: (1) answer questions about mission alignment and impact, (2) strengthen your programming to better serve clients, (3) promote new ideas and innovation, and (4) improve staff morale and turnover. Participants will understand where their organization is now in developing a learning culture and gain strategies for improving their culture of learning.

Stephanie Cory | Stephanie Cory Consulting

As volunteer leaders, board members play a critical role in their organizations’ success. Learn the fundamentals of effective governance through exploring the basic roles and responsibilities of the board and for individual board members. Explore what board members’ fiduciary duties—of care, loyalty and obedience—are really about. Learn what guidance the Standards for Excellence Code provides for board leadership. This webinar will equip you with the tools you need to institute best practices for your board and fulfill your obligations as an individual board member.

Crystal Whiteaker | Crystal Lily Creative

This free webinar will help support your role in creating inclusive environments and establishing relationships aligned to your core values. This includes the relationship with yourself as well as relationships with people you connect with. By the end, participants will have tools to incorporate practices of building aligned relationships that lead to more inclusive communities and environments.

Erica Waasdorp | A Direct Solution

So many people worry about how to generate major gifts. They may forget about those small donors in their database – and you have many more small donors than large ones, right? Monthly giving programs are especially effective to engage smaller donors and improve donor retention multi-fold. Best of all Monthly Donors give more money than one-time donors and it typically is unrestricted revenue. Learn the steps involved to start and organize a monthly donor program for your organization, using the tools you already have in place. If the pandemic has proven anything, it’s that the need for sustainable revenue is greater than ever. Monthly giving provides organizations funds they can count on, no matter what happens.

Maura O'Leary & Sarah Hogan | Barefoot PR

We’re taking participants behind the content curtain to learn more about the three factors everyone should use to inform and elevate their writing: voice, audience and tone. This workshop encourages learners to pause before putting pen to paper in order to find the voice of the organization they're working with, understand the audience they’re speaking to, and pick a tone that elevates their message clearly enough to engage effectively.

Struggling to implement your nonprofit's strategic plan? Not sure how to inspire action on your strategic priorities beyond the final draft? Learn how to sustain a dynamic planning process that guides, inspires, and empowers. This workshop will cover realistic strategies for infusing plan priorities and goals throughout every level of your organization. From creating shorter-term objectives, continuing to engage your stakeholders and staff, and creating a culture of shared accountability, you can turn your strategic plan into an action plan!

Belinda Li | CiTTA Partnership

Surveys can be a powerful tool that helps a nonprofit better understand program participants’ satisfaction with its services and thus learn how to improve or change those services; the impact of its offerings; what messages would best resonate with key stakeholders; and more. However, findings from a survey are only useful if the survey respondents truly understood what you were asking, and were able to provide their points of view in an accessible and authentic manner. When you are trying to survey multi-cultural groups in a single study, or certain demographics such as youth or new immigrants, that could prove even more challenging. Sometimes as simple as the choice of words would lead to a misunderstanding of the intent of a survey question. In this workshop, Belinda Li, will share some approaches to designing culturally and demographically responsive surveys to help nonprofits capture authentic and potentially more in-depth responses from different cultures and communities.

Betsy Block | B3 Coach

This workshop focuses on understanding how to engage your nonprofit board to serve as an effective, emerging leadership team. An emerging leadership team is one that is navigating the challenges every team faces: how to form as a new entity, engage new members, shift how it leads, support strategic shifts, address turnover, and/or just emerge from big shifts in the world. Participants will learn how the board and staff form a team (or what we’ll call a system) that needs its own care and support.

Continuing Education Units Available: We offer continuing education units for our trainings through CFRE, ASAE, and SHRM.

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