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5 More Easy Social Media Post Ideas for Your Nonprofit to Share

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We posted our first 5 Easy Social Media Posts for Your Nonprofit to Share back in January and got an amazing response so

we are back with 5 more fantastic posts. Sometimes it can be hard to post from the heart, even when you’re connected to your nonprofit’s mission. Whether you are in a time crunch or are hoping to schedule some posts before you head out of the office, these 5 extra posts are for you!

Ask a Question

This post is an easy and fun way to get people interacting with your social media channel. Ask followers a question to get them engaged! Could be something silly like “are you looking forward to the weekend?” or something more personal like “how has our organization been a part of your life?”. Depending on the responses, you may be able to use them in other parts of your organization. Remember: always ask for consent before sharing a response, and be sure to like, comment, and interact with anyone who goes out of their way to share with you!

Go Behind the Scenes

People are always curious about how social organizations run. Especially now as people move back into the office, you may be in a new space that your followers are unfamiliar with. Get folks excited with a behind the scenes look at how your organization runs. Take the time to walk through the main building areas, as well as the offices of everyone who makes your organization work. Try stopping by the Executive Director’s office for a quick hello, or show how employees take time to rest during the day to be energized to accomplish some great work. How can it be done? Instagram reels or Live, Facebook or Youtube Live, a TikTok video series or on Snapchat are all potential mediums for posting! Helpful tip: You can also go behind the scenes at any event (think gala, 5k walk/run, presentation) as well!

Spotlight a Donor

Sending personalized thank you's to donors can be impactful, but in some instances you may want to take things a step further - a social media spotlight can do just that! First, reach out to the donor saying they’ve been selected for this honor, and make sure they’re alright with having their name or photo posted on different social media. Some donors may be uncomfortable with this kind of shout out, so check in with your donor liaison to make sure it is appropriate. Then, make the post and be sure to tag them and their organization - this can help to generate more buzz and may even lead to the organization itself wanting to get more involved!

Highlight Another Channel

Nonprofits can work in many different communities, whether at the local, state, or even national level. Since there are bound to be overlaps with the work you do and another organization does, give them a social media shout out for what you might have learned from them, and what great work they’re doing where they are. Doing so can help to build relationships organically, and potentially create partnerships you hadn’t thought of before!

Do a Poll

Finally, another great and easy way to get people’s attention is by creating a poll. Be sure to keep it simple - many folks don’t spend much time on social media so you’ll want something short, sweet, and to the point. Try not to have more than 4 options available to ensure everything appears as followers scroll through their feed. Topics can be fun and silly, or polls can be a great way t

o get stakeholder feedback. Generate hype by posting that a poll will be upcoming a few days before you post!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Looking for more information and training in media and communications? We’ve got you covered on our online trainings page here! Hope to see you soon and don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin!



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