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5 Easy Social Media Posts for Your Nonprofit to Share

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Coming up with a new or creative idea to change up your typical social media postings can be difficult. You may not have someone running your social media full time, or it might be something that staff members share accountability for. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to be engaging our clients, donors, and community members through social media. Why? It can help showcase the effectiveness of your nonprofit, build stronger relationships, and provide easy to access information for people looking to get involved.

To help you boost your social presence, we’ve come up with 5 easy social media posts you can create and schedule on your channels in the coming weeks. Learn more about digital marketing in our upcoming training Power Up Your Promotions: 30 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Brand Stand Out, or get into the nitty-gritty with 10 Tricks and Hacks to Step Up Your Instagram. Let’s get started!


Sharing a quote is a quick and easy way to get something up on your social media page - even better if it relates to the overall mission of your organization. Maybe you have a testimonial you’d like to share, or a historical figure who also worked on the same cause. Perhaps a motivational quote for a #MotivationalMonday posting for people to share with their own audiences? The sky’s the limit!

Client Spotlight

Some of the most powerful stories come from the people you serve. Always make sure you have consent to use client stories or photographs to remain ethical in your social media practices. Once you have permission, you can interview a client, share a photo and a quick story that illustrates your mission or core organization values. It can be helpful to link to services pages, or volunteer opportunities depending on who you’re trying to target with your post.

Staff Spotlight

Similar to the client spotlight, the staff spotlight is a great way for people to get to know more about your organization’s team. You can share a recent headshot, have the staff member answer a question solicited from your audience, or list 5 fun facts sent in by the staffer. If you’re looking to take this post to the next level, film a video where you interview your staffer, or have them give a tour of your organization’s facilities. This video can be prerecorded or live-streamed on Facebook or Instagram. If live-streaming, make sure to create hype in the days leading up to the stream to make sure people tune in for some fun content! This method generates more returned visitors to your social pages, and asking people to write in questions can ramp up your comment and other interactions numbers.

Holiday Related to Your Nonprofit

Did you know there are hundred of holidays celebrated in the U.S. and around the world? Though most of them are unknown, like National Puzzle Day, National Hug Your Cat Day, and National Dessert Day, many can relate to your nonprofit’s mission. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling of list of potential holidays of interest below. Make a post encouraging people to donate or volunteer with your organization to celebrate. Have people respond or send in photos of how they’re celebrating with a suggested hashtag to generate buzz. The possibilities are endless!

  • Make Your Dreams Come True Day - January 13

  • March Fourth and Do Something Day - March 4

  • Absolutely Incredible Kid Day - March 18

  • Sun Screen Day - May 27

  • Fight Procrastination Day - September 6


If you have an upcoming fundraiser or new program and are looking to spread the word, a giveaway works great. First, create a post with all the necessary information you want people to have - a QR code is a great way to help direct people to your website. On the post, either in an image or in the caption, announce how long the sharing contest will be open and what people can win. Could be anything from a t-shirt with your organization’s logo to tickets to an upcoming fundraising event. Encourage people to like the post, leave a comment tagging 3 friends, and share to their own pages. Once the giveaway has closed, announce who has won on social media, and be sure to contact them directly to coordinate how they’ll get their prize.

We hope these 5 social postings have been helpful as your start off 2022. Learn more about digital marketing in our upcoming training Power Up Your Promotions: 30 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Brand Stand Out, or get into the nitty-gritty with 10 Tricks and Hacks to Step Up Your Instagram. Did you find this post useful and want us to see your new activity? Be sure to like, follow, and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


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