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4 Ways a Nonprofit Consultant Can Help Your Organization

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In times of change at your organization, who do you look to for guidance? At the Nonprofit Learning Lab, we’ve compiled a resource for moments like these - our consultant directory. This nonprofit consultant directory serves as a resource providing information about nonprofit consultants dedicated to offering their expertise to the nonprofit community. You can search the nonprofit consultant database by areas of expertise and geographic location. Connect with a diverse network of nonprofit experts locally, regionally, and nationally. Still not convinced? Here’s just a few reasons why we think a nonprofit consultant can help.

1. Guaranteed Expert

Many nonprofit professionals wear many hats in their organization and are usually low on time. In cases like these, the saying jack of all trades, master of none may best describe the skillsets of your organization. Nonprofit consultants can fill in these knowledge gaps. By providing a specialized skills and expertise, nonprofit consultants can identify issues and solve problems efficiently and effectively, saving everyone else precious time.

2. An Outside Eye

Nonprofit consultants coming from another organization can provide a clearer picture of how your organization runs than most folks on the inside. Their unbiased opinion and shed light on topics or problems you may not have realized before, or they may help to affirm some suspicions you may have had about your process. By using their outside eye, nonprofit consults can best apply their expertise to help your organization flourish.

3. Starting a new program

A nonprofit consultant can make sure you get started on the right foot when beginning a new program. They bring in outside knowledge and research and can help you avoid any blindspots or pitfalls since they’ve been there before. Starting a new program can take a lot of people, and bringing on a consultant short term can help make sure everything runs smoothly, and the contract can end once everything is up and running.

4. Software Gurus

One of the most daunting things a nonprofit can face is selecting the right software for their organization. Whether you are picking a new CRM, fundraising platform, looking to expand your marketing or communications efforts, there are a myriad of options with different abilities, capacities, and price points - it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start.

There you have it! Ready to get started? Our Consultant Directory is ready to help. Are you a consultant? If you are, and a member with the Nonprofit Learning Lab, you can be added to our directory completely free. Start browsing today!

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