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3 Reasons Why Civic Engagement is Important for Nonprofit Professionals

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The term civic engagement is often used in conversations surrounding political activism, which can be a bit intimidating to those who work in nonprofit organizations. A big rule for nonprofits is that they must not be political and must remain nonpartisan. However, civic engagement doesn’t always mean being politically active, though it does play a role. It can also include advocacy within one’s own community for issues that matter to them. Here are 3 reasons why civic engagement is important for nonprofit professionals:

1. Being politically engaged is your right!

Being politically engaged is a personal right that should be practiced at your own discretion, regardless of your place of employment. Whether it is voting or engaging and advocating with legislative bodies to advance missions and values that one carries, this type of engagement is a personal right. It’s important to note that this engagement should not be done under organization emails or phone numbers, and should be strictly through personal means. However, if you want to learn more about how to apolitically engage with congress with your nonprofit organization, register for our upcoming free webinar “Communicating with a New Congress” here.

2. Altruism improves brain health! Working in a nonprofit organization is admirable; however, it can get stressful, as any job would. Being able to practice altruism at one’s own pace and personal time can be incredibly beneficial to brain health and promote resiliency. This can be done through volunteering with other organizations or engaging in advocacy work for a cause you care about, such as DEI efforts.

Interested in learning more about DEI in nonprofits? Check out our free Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page here.

3. Engage with your community

Whether you are getting out the word to vote or engaging in advocacy work with local organizations, engagement with the community is inevitable. This is a way to build support amongst one another, and it could also be a great chance to build closer relationships with people that one’s organization might be serving. This can also give greater insight into how to engage with the community within one’s professional life.

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