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3 More Nonprofit Leaders to Watch

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

One of the best parts of the Nonprofit Learning Lab is being able to collaborate with so many incredible nonprofit leaders and professionals.

Interested in reading more about nonprofit leaders, check out our previous blog, "3 Nonprofit Leaders to Watch" here!

Below are just a few of the amazing leaders we’ve collaborated with, that you should watch out for:

1. Julie Ha Truong (she/her) from Leadership Savvy

Julie is the founder of Leadership Savvy, a consulting organization that serves other organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to nurture and built upon leadership skills to help further their missions. She currently holds a Master of Public Policy in Management and Leadership, is a CNM Certified Coach, teaches at AJU's MBA program, and speaks a second language: Mandarin Chinese. Julie and her team specialize in topics such as, strategic planning, leadership and partnership development, team-building, and career navigation. Over the years, she has developed an award-winning Organizational Leadership program and has supported thousands of leaders in creating real meaningful change in their organizations.

Julie also spends some of her time presenting for the Nonprofit Learning Lab through her workshop series, “Effective Coalitions & Collaborations: Leading Teams To Greater Impact”.

Julie also facilitates our peer-learning Mentorship program exclusive for all Nonprofit Learning Lab members! Learn more and register for the next session, "Fundraising for All: Developing Brand Ambassadors Throughout Your Organization"

To keep up with Julie’s work, follow her on Facebook and Linkedin.

2. Meena Das (she/her) from Namaste Data

Meena is the founder of Namaste Data, her very own consulting service for nonprofits and social impact organizations. The purpose of the organization is to create data equity and make data assessment and analysis more accessible. Meena specializes in topics such as data collection and analysis services, data equity consultation, and more. Meena also specializes in facilitating trainings regarding the work that she does all over North America, and parts of Asia, including India. She created Data Is For Everyone which is an incredible tool and resource to teach about purpose-driven data, research, and analytics. She has a passion for community and embodies that in all of the work that she does.

Meena has also presented with the Nonprofit Learning Lab on various topics and discussions such as “Design Inclusive Engagement Surveys: Strategies and Examples” and “DEI with Research and Analytics”. To gain access to Meena’s past webinars, fill out this form.

To keep up with Meena’s work, follow her on Linkedin and Instagram.

3. Crystal Whiteaker (she/her) from Crystal Lily Creative

Crystal is the founder of Crystal Lily Creative, a diversity and equity branding consulting organization to aid leaders of organizations to utilize their platforms to create meaningful and equitable change. Her purpose is to help people connect and communicate with empathy, transparency, and confidence. She epitomizes these values in the work she does. She has helped countless organizations dedicated to their DEI missions embody those values. Crystal also has a book, Brave Leadership is a Choice, for leaders dedicated to creating inclusive environments within their organizations.

Check out Crystal’s free guides and resources pertaining to mission and drive, speaking services, and branding solutions here.

Crystal is also hosting free webinars with the Nonprofit Learning Lab! Check out her upcoming sessions listed below:

To keep up with Crystal’s work, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.


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