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10 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Job searching is never easy, but the Nonprofit Learning Lab is here to help. Check out our Nonprofit Job Board for a collection of national and statewide listings, as well as the blog post below so you can ace your next interview.

Preparing for an interview can feel overwhelming and can be exhausting if you don’t know where to start. Follow these ten steps to make sure you are ready to knock your next interview out of the park.

1. Review the job posting. Take note of the job board where you saw the posting so you can refer to it during the interview.

2. Match your experience with the job requirements. Come with a few examples from previous work or volunteering positions so you can discuss relevant events and make a great impression.

3. Research the company or organization so you know what they do, who they work with or for, and what kind of an impact they have. If you know who you’ll be interviewing with, look over their company profile or Linkedin and try to find common points of interest you might be able to highlight.

4. Prepare some answers to common interview questions. Calling a friend to set up a mock interview to cut out any filler words and get rid of some pre-interview nerves may help. Thinking about how you might answer these questions will set you up for success.

5. Use the STAR method when answering situational questions. The STAR method ensures you answer questions with a clear Situation, Task, Action, and Result, clearly outlining why you are just the right person, with just the right experience, for the position.

6. Write down three specific examples of projects or situations you have worked in that demonstrate your abilities as an employee. Be sure these anecdotes aren’t too lengthy, and demonstrate different qualities or outcomes you want to emphasize. By thinking of these ahead of time, you will be prepared to integrate them into your answers no matter what question is asked.

7. Bring any extra materials you may need, such as reference letters, reference contacts, a cover letter, or your sample portfolio. Extra copies just in case!

8. Plan to arrive or log on 15 minutes before your interview time. If interviewing in-person, factor in travel time with traffic and finding a parking space. If interviewing over the phone or via video chat, find a quiet place with a strong signal so you can hear and be heard by the interviewer.

9. Have at least 3 questions prepared that you can ask the interviewer. These questions can be about the organization, the expectations of the position, the interviewer’s experience as an employee - the more specific the better. This is your opportunity to find out whether the position is a good fit for you as well.

10. Send a handwritten thank-you note after the interview. This kind of follow-up notes how serious you are about the position, and illustrates an attention to detail.

By using these 10 tips, you are sure to get a second interview, a follow-up call, or hired at your position of choice. Are you on the hunt for a new job? Our Nonprofit Job Board brings together multiple national and statewide job board listings on one easy-to-use webpage. Take a look today! Do you know of a nonprofit sector job board that needs promoting? Let us know by filling out this form and we’ll be more than happy to add it to our page.


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