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Your Last Minute Checklist for Virtual or Hybrid Event

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The world of event planning has changed a lot in the past year. Hosting a virtual event can be a challenging, planning a virtual event can take time and managing a virtual event as it is happening requires thoughtful planning. We know that 2020 was a big year for virtual events. We all quickly learned about Zoom, Hopin, Whova and more.

We have provided for you a last-minute checklist to make sure your virtual or hybrid event is seamless. This is a great checklist to use 2-3 weeks leading up to the event to ensure you are ready for your next virtual or hybrid event.

3 Weeks Before the Event

Finalize scripts for live portions of the event

In order to have a smooth run of show, you'll need to get your script out of the way first. By doing so, you'll have a better idea of how long transitions will take, allowing for the best time management possible. Scripting live portions also aid in keeping presenters on task and on topic, so the event runs on time.

2 Weeks Before the Event

Finalize all edits of pre-recorded videos

Pre-recorded videos are a great way to engage audience members and illustrate the work your organization does. Working out the details of pre-recorded videos early on also aids your run of show, as you know precisely how long a video will take to play. Pre-recorded videos can also help with last minute tech changes from speakers and presenters.

2 Weeks Before the Event

Tech Dress Rehearsal

It's time for the dress rehearsal, the key to any event. Ensure you have an agenda for the day, all polls or engagements are uploaded into your chosen platform, and do sound checks for all speakers and videos. Treat your tech dress rehearsal as the real event so that you are prepared for any technical issues that could occur during the actual event. Don't forget to have your tech support on dress rehearsal as well, everyone involved on the day of should be in attendance.

1 Week Before the Event

Final Checks with Live Presenters and Speakers

Do your speakers and presenters have a working microphone and a backup microphone? Do speakers and presenters have a strong internet connection? Have you done an internet speed test? Are speakers or presenters trying to tweak scripts at the last minute? Prepare your speakers and presenters and thank them for being involved in the event and also give them any necessary feedback to ensure a seamless virtual or hybrid event. Any support you can provide you'll want to check in about at this point. Unsure of what to ask? Reach out to us for help with your tech dress rehearsal

1 Week Before the Event

Share Event Link with Attendees

We all have hectic email inboxes, so sending an event link to attendees a week before helps in any confusion later on. We suggest ensuring the event link can generate a calendar event for attendees to add to their calendar, complete with alerts the day of the event. The more access people have to the correct link, the less your team will be bogged down on the phone or in emails sending it to them day of the event. Sometimes, you may also want to share the event link the day of the event and/or an hour before the event.

1 Day Before the Event

Check Hardware and Sound Check

Have your team turn off their computers fully the night before, ensure everyone has a working microphone as well as a backup, and have extra laptop and phone chargers at the ready. Remember: Two is One and One is None. You want to have a back up plan for your back up plan!

1 Day Before the Event

Event Meeting Platform Links Sent to Speakers, Presenters, and Attendees

Another round of links being sent the day before covers all of your bases. Ensure all speakers, presenters, and attendees know what platform you'll be using so they have any new software downloaded and updated before the event.

1 Day Before the Event

Internet Speed Test and Check Hardware One More time

A quick web search for an internet speed test should bring back an appropriate website to test your connection. Double-check for any software updates for all devices and get excited for your event - you're almost there!

Day of the Event

You made it! Stay cool, follow your agenda, and kick off your virtual event knowing you've prepared for this moment. Any mishaps you know you've prepared for, so most of the day should go off without a hitch.

Stressed about your virtual event? As we all transition to more digital and virtual events becoming the norm and expectation, how do you minimize stress and complexity? Planning ahead and thinking through a checklist is important.

At the Nonprofit Learning Lab, we are always happy to talk about your virtual or hybrid event needs! We can provide in advance or day of technical support so you can focus on what matters most and not be doing 15 things all at once. Virtual events are here to stay. Use this virtual event checklist to help you.

Let the Nonprofit Learning Lab support you with virtual event production and day-of technical support so your virtual event is free of stress. Email us at with any questions or to get support for your virtual event.



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