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Update on the Nonprofit Learning Lab's Events

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We understand your organization's concerns regarding the current state of affairs in public health. Current health concerns have motivated many organizations to enforce remote work, which can be a very stressful transition due to potentially sudden implementation.

We at the Nonprofit Learning Lab want to help you and your nonprofit navigate these changing circumstances, particularly in terms of taking advantage of your online platform resources! Along with our traditional Online Conferences, we will be conducting 3 new online events:

Virtual Nonprofit Lab

Our Virtual Nonprofit Lab features live webinars from leading nonprofit experts, a virtual consulting cafe and facilitated community conversations. Our trainings are taught at the intermediate to advanced level and focus on providing content that is practical and strategic, as well as ideas that you can implement in your organization right away. You can also participate in either Community Conversations or Consulting Cafe to engage with organizations like yours!

Consulting Cafe is a one-on-one 10 minute conversation with one of our professional presenters. This is the time to speak with an expert in the nonprofit sector if you have specialized concerns about your organization. This is a good fit for organizations with budgets over 1M and staff size of 7+. Community Conversation is a facilitated conversation around organization best practices that participants can choose based on their role (executive director, development director, etc), type of organization (arts, youth, food security, etc), and budget size.

If you are interested in our Virtual Nonprofit Labs, Consulting Cafe, and Community Conversation, please click here.

How to Handle Online "Tech"

This workshop is a 30-minute preparatory course for our "How to Lead Better Online Meetings and Trainings" Workshop. This training covers different platforms for meeting and training online, tips for implementing these platforms into your organization, strategies to stay focused on your meeting content while transitioning online, understanding of what you will need while using these platforms, and how to better support your staff, students, or participants while moving online.

If you are interested in "How to Develop Curriculum for an Online Format," please click here.

How to Lead Better Online Meetings and Trainings

This online workshop aims to help nonprofit professionals who want to create or refine their approach to meetings and trainings in a live, online format. The training will review platforms to use for your next online meeting or training and hone your understanding of managing online meetings or trainings, developing protocols to engage participants, creating effective slides, adult learning concepts for great online experiences, necessary skills for online meetings and trainings, developing successful curriculum, and more!

If you are interested in "How to Lead Better Online Meetings and Trainings," please click here.

The Nonprofit Learning Lab is here to support you during these difficult times. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like any additional information on any of our online workshops, and we look forward to working with you on refining your use of virtual platforms to improve your nonprofit organization!



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