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How to Use Your Social Media to Further Your Organization's Reach

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Whether you’re new to social media or consider yourself a pro, there’s always ways you can further your organization’s reach. Through taking advantage of the many platforms of social media, not only can you broaden your audience, but can create a customer base that knows you and what you stand for. By broadening your social media presence and staying consistent by interacting with other organizations and researching ways to stay on top of the algorithm, your organization is sure to gain a reach.

Create a personal connection

Creating personal connections between like-minded individuals and organizations is vital to the success of your own. These personal connections can emerge from anywhere, whether it be a similar mission statement or even people in common.

Through forming these connections, you can not only gain insight, but gain support for the future. In turn, you gain the knowledge of what they are saying and can learn from their individual experiences and success to better cultivate your own social media presence.

Use multiple platforms

Utilizing the distinctive benefits of multiple platforms ensures the greatest social media success. Your Linkedin audience will differ from your TikTok audience, meaning you have access to many different groups of people to connect with. Further, Linkedin will connect you with professionals that might not even be on TikTok, and TikTok has the distinctive ability to connect with a very wide range of people. These differing audiences are critical for different things. Rather than putting all your strength in one group of people, spreading it out gives you a better chance of reaching the highest number of connections, all of which possessing their own unique assets. Through using multiple platforms with different innate strengths, your organization will be able to thrive off reaching a multitude of audiences and people who are ready to listen to what you have to share.

Follow other organizations

Following other organizations is a huge part of social media networking. It is important to show your fellow peers and organizations that you are interested in what they are saying. Not only will you learn from them, you will also form closer relationships with them that will be mutually beneficial in the future. Additionally, following other organizations shows you care, which breaks down the formidable side of social media. Following other organizations shows you and your organization are human, which allows for more people to want to work with you. Further, after following these organizations the next important step is to interact with them and make sure to comment on their posts.

Mention social media in your emails

Email marketing is a great way to engage with yet another group of people, and pulls existing contacts into your social media network. Using the existing group of connections you have is an excellent way to further expand your reach. If you stick strictly to emailing them, you lose the opportunity to connect with them and their following across various platforms. You can engage these contacts by adding a specific link to your social media pages. Another option is doing an email push with a promotion linked to your social media channels. By incorporating your social media handles or activity in emails, you give them the chance to follow you and your organization and connect with you on a more personal level. This not only strengthens your relationship with them, but expands into their connections and network.

Staying current with the algorithms

All social media platforms rely on an algorithm that dictates which users see what and what posts do well. In order to achieve success with your social media networks, you have to be current on the algorithms. It can be as simple as knowing what time a day to post, and as complicated as to what hashtags ensure success. Regardless of what you are finding out from the research on the algorithms, it will be vital to your success. Some basic rules of thumb are to stay active on social media - consistency is key. The more you like and comment and interact with other organizations, the more likely you are to have your own content pushed to the top. However, also be sure that your posts have value, and are thought out, because the algorithm recognizes quality as well as quantity. Some easy ways to research algorithms include using social media software, and implementing the current trends, such as videos and republishing tweets during peak hours. Further, there are helpful diagrams and images available on the internet to help mitigate the differences between the platforms to better understand how each is unique and how their algorithms work.

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