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Chart a New Course in Philanthropy

This is a guest blog by Maegan Vallejo at Prismatic Consulting!

We are thrilled to be a part of Nonprofit Learning Lab’s first in-person conference since the wild ride that was 2020. Mark your calendars for January 25th at the Lowry Conference Center in Denver. If you're as excited as we are, check out the details here and to snag your spot.

Speaking of 2020, let's talk about how philanthropy did not come out unchanged after that rollercoaster of a year. Our presentation on January 25th is not your run-of-the-mill talk. We're diving deep into the nitty-gritty, exploring everything from how donor behaviors have undergone a marked transformation to the game-changing impact of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the fundraising world. We unpack the potential of artificial intelligence, the magic of community-centered approaches, and why transparency and accountability are the “cool kids” in today's philanthropic playground.

So, what’s the post-2020 scoop and how do we harness it in 2024? There's this newfound urgency for humanitarian aid that's got everyone buzzing. Racial and social justice are stealing the spotlight, and digital transformation is giving the whole philanthropic scene a facelift. But, with great power comes great uncertainty, and that’s where our adaptability and out-of-the-box strategies come in handy.

Let’s talk DEI.

It's not just a trendy acronym; it's the secret sauce for leveling the playing field in fundraising. We’re putting the spotlight on the leadership gap, the money disparities, and the need for research practices that embrace everyone. Because, let’s face it, representation isn't just a checkbox – it’s the cornerstone for building a fairer philanthropic world.

As for donors, they're not just throwing cash around; they want transparency, impact, and a feel-good connection with organizations that vibe with their values. You need to ride the wave of these evolving donor behaviors to make your fundraising moves a success.

And guess what?

We've got a toolbox full of philanthropic goodies to help you level up. Data excellence, artificial intelligence – it's not just jargon; it's key to supercharging your initiatives. We'll even throw in a nuanced guide on how to navigate the world of donor-advised funds, one of the most influential - and controversial - philanthropic tools of our time. 

But, here's the heart of it all – the community-centered approach. It's not just about ticking boxes on a to-do list. It's about embracing race, equity, and social justice to redefine how we treat donors and create a real sense of belonging. It's not just business; it's personal. Healing and liberation? Yeah, they’re on the agenda, and it all ties back to economic justice.

As we journey through this post-2020 philanthropic wilderness, Prismatic Consulting's presentation is your trusty compass. From understanding the quirks of donor behaviors to unlocking the potential of DEI, technology, and a community-centered mindset – we're giving you the roadmap to philanthropic stardom in this new normal. In a world that’s evolving faster than you can say "2020 was wild," transparency, adaptability, and a commitment to equity are your guiding stars. Let’s shape a philanthropic future that’s not just impactful but downright revolutionary.

See you on January 25th!


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