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Adding Music to Your Virtual Event

Imagine: your event is seamless. Everything is pulled together and ready to go, you've practiced your script and marked everything off the checklist. You corral your presenters to do one more run through without skipping any of the transitions this time and – oh no. There's so. much. silence. What are you going to do?? The event is tomorrow and you can't change the script!

Not to fear, there is a solution.

There are always going to be natural pauses and breaks in events, regardless of whether it's virtual or not. These happen most frequently at the beginning and end of virtual events, and they can be key times to entertain your guests.

Imagine you click on a YouTube video and no sound plays. It would be rather odd. You receive feedback from your input of clicking on the video. The same goes for virtual events. If an attendee clicks the "Join" link and is greeted by silence, it can feel out of place and they may question if they're in the right place, or worse, leave the event.

To avoid this confusion, it's a good idea to have at least one introductory slide showing when attendees arrive with music in the background. But you do not want to get yourself in a sticky situation. Unfortunately, you cannot just play your favorite Bee Gees song unless you have the rights (which you most likely don't). Instead, you can find your favorite funky and royalty-free tune from one of these sources:

Paid Royalty-Free Music:





Free Royalty-Free Music:


Ben Sound

Purple Planet

CC Mixter

If one of these options doesn't work for you, there are plenty of other great royalty-free music sites out there. It's important to distinguish here that "royalty-free" does mean free of royalties, but it does not always mean "free." However, there are sites that offer the music for free with proper accreditation.

Overall, music is a great addition to any event, especially as bookends. Find the tune that fits your event!

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