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The Google Grant and Why it’s a Must-Have for Nonprofits

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This is a guest blog post and is being posted with permission from NonprofitMegaPhone

Interested in the Google Grant? Confused by the Google Grant? Never heard of the Google Grant? If you’re in need of some explanation, here’s the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Google’s Ad Grant program.

WHO can use the Google Grant?

If your #nonprofit organization is located in one of 50 approved countries and holds valid charity status, you could be eligible for a Google Ad Grant! 

In the United States, all 501(c)(3)s that are not hospitals, schools or governmental agencies are eligible for the #GoogleAdGrant.


WHAT is the Google Grant?

The Google Grant is a (free!) useful tool to help nonprofits increase everything from visibility to donations. The #GoogleGrant gives approved nonprofits $10,000 each month to advertise for their organization. This allows your nonprofit to place ads that will appear at the top of a page of search results. Each time someone clicks on your ad, some of the grant money is spent.

For the vast majority of nonprofits, $10,000 is more than they will need to reach all of the people searching for them online. But even if you spend the full $10,000, you will never be charged “real” money. Your account will spend your Google Grant allocation and then stop showing ads for the day. 

WHEN does the Google Grant run out?

Never! Your $10,000 automatically renews each month; any grant money that you don’t spend will be returned to Google. The $10,000 Grant is generous and many nonprofits find it difficult to spend the entire amount, giving them a budget that is essentially unlimited!

WHERE do I get a Google Grant?

You can start the application process on the Google Ad Grants webpage! Or if you decide to work with Nonprofit Megaphone, we get the Google Grant for you. We have a 100% success rate of securing Google Grants for nonprofits and can ensure you meet all of its qualifications.

WHY get a Google Grant?

Nonprofit organizations require public interest, engagement and support to stay alive, and the Ad Grant allows you to reach potentially thousands of new people searching for you online. By placing your ads above related search results, the Google Grant allows you to reach people already interested in the work your organization is involved in. With tightly targeted ads, a nonprofit is sure to reach its desired audience.

HOW will I know if it’s working?

With the Google Grant, there’s no more wondering if people are seeing and responding to your advertising! Tools like Google Analytics can help you track the success of your ads, tracking every valuable “conversion” action that they perform on your website. At Nonprofit Megaphone, we also send you custom reports detailing the results of your ad campaigns. 



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