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Our Favorite Venues for Events

When considering a training venue, it is important to look for a few key qualities. Firstly, if possible, your training venue should be in a central location that is easily accessible by public transportation or car. The facility and space itself should be a clean, roomy, inviting environment that has comfortable seating arrangements for all attendees, presenters, and facilitators. Be sure to check and see the types of presenting materials the venue has at its disposal. A few tools to ask your venue about include access to a whiteboard, projector, flip charts, and secure wifi. The lighting in your venue should not cause glares nor shadows on your visual presentation and the temperature of the room should be comfortable and conducive to learning. Lastly, your training space should be in a venue that can ensure that noise and any other disturbances will not occur throughout the duration of your training and presentation.

Some of our favorite venues to host events and trainings include:

Phoenix - 24th Street Conference Center

Denver - Lowry Conference Center

Oakland, Oakland, Los Angeles - California Endowment Building

Seattle - The Mountaineers

Raleigh - NC Rural Center

Boston - Roxbury Innovation Center

Baltimore - Family League

Madison - Goodman Community Center

Philadelphia - Temple University

NYC - FPWA Conference Center

Milwaukee - Hillside Family Resource Center

Las Vegas - The Blind Center

Raleigh - Junior League Raleigh

San Antonio - Education Service Center, Region 20

Chicago - Center on Halsted

Have an event coming up and need help with set up or content? Take a look at our Services Page for help with trainings on adult learning principles, fundraising, in-person or virtual training and facilitation, program management, volunteer management and more.


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