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How You Can Maximize Your Volunteers Using a Video Platform Like Gratavid

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This is a sponsored blog post by Brittany Nardi from Gratavid.

The potential to improve donor engagement is limitless. It can be made very personal. For example, instead of having a general thank-you video explaining your organization’s accomplishments, constituents can receive a personalized thank-you, making them feel extra special and closely connected to the mission.

This blog will talk about how nonprofits can utilize a video platform like Gratavid. Gratavid allows you to add volunteers who can then use an assignee link to record personalized messages to donors. Often, volunteers are willing to write out 20 thank you cards, well now you can easily have them record 20 thank you videos.

What is an Assignee Link? First off you're probably asking yourself what an assignee link is. The assignee link is a unique URL that gets shared with the volunteer that allows them to record personalized videos for each donor. The volunteer will receive an email with the link to click on. Once they click on the link, it will bring them to a page to record the personalized videos.

Now that you know what the assignee link looks like, let's break down the process of getting your volunteers involved with sending videos in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Add your volunteers to Gratavid The very first step in getting your volunteers involved with sending personalized videos is to add them to your Gratavid account. Go to the manage users section within Gratavid, click external assignee, click the + button in the upper right, and then add in their first name, last name, and email. Once you have added them, they will show up under the external assignee tab. As an external assignee, they cannot login to Gratavid, so that is why we have created the assignee link to still get them involved.

Step 2: Assign tasks to volunteers Once your volunteer has been added to your Gratavid account, you can then assign tasks to them in the task list. The task list is a list of personalized videos that need to be recorded. To assign tasks to your volunteer, checkmark the box next to the task(s) that you want to assign and click on the assign button towards the top.

Step 3: Share the assignee links with your volunteers After you click on the assign button, and click on your volunteer's name, you will have the option to notify and assign those tasks to your volunteer. Check the notify box first, and then click on the blue button that says assign and notify. Your volunteer will then receive an email with the assignee link to record videos for those specific tasks.

Step 4: Once the videos are complete, send them off After your volunteer has finished recording their videos, you will receive a notification that they are complete. Once you have viewed the video, click continue and select the corresponding note template. Review all spelling and messaging here to make sure there are no errors. If it looks, good, click on the preview button to view what it will look like for the donor. If everything looks good, you can then click send!

And just like that, your volunteers can now connect with constituents on a more personal level. Plus, it’s fun for the constituent to receive a thank you from a new face!

Happy Thanking!

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