• Tobi Nifesi

How to Increase Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page Conversion Rate

Updated: Nov 11

This is a sponsored guest blog post by Tobi Nifesi, Head of Content at Keela.

About 75% of all donors in the United States and Canada prefer giving online. In response to donors’ increasing demand for flexible, online giving options, several nonprofit organizations have created donation pages on their websites that allow supporters to make contributions wherever and whenever they want to.

From 2017 to 2021, total online revenue in the nonprofit sector grew by 60%. This statistic highlights how essential online fundraising has become for nonprofits. Despite this, the average nonprofit donation page sees a 50-70% abandonment rate. In other words, 1 in 2 supporters who visit your donation page may leave the page without actually donating.

Considering how significant online donations can be for your nonprofit, you wouldn’t want your so many supporters dropping off right at the point of giving. You want your donation page to be the final touchpoint that encourages your supporters to contribute to your cause. You want your donation page to be great at converting supporters into donors.

This article will discuss how you can measure the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s donation page and highlight 8 steps you can take to improve your donation page conversion rate.

What is Donation Page Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of people who take the desired action when visiting a landing page on your website. For donation pages, the conversion rate is the percentage of your nonprofit website visitors who make a donation after visiting your donation page.

To calculate your donation page conversion rate, you have to divide the total number of donors who gave through your donation page by the total number of visitors on your donation page over a specific period. Then, you multiply this number by 100.

Your donation page conversion rate measures how effective your donation page is at getting people to make a contribution. It tells you how well your donation page is performing; your nonprofit team can use this metric to know when to optimize or update your donation form or page.

On average, nonprofits see a 17% donation page conversion rate. So, you can set this percentage as a benchmark for assessing the performance of your donation page. If your conversion rate keeps dropping below 17% over a few months, you’ll need to take some time to reevaluate the content, design, and structure of your donation page.

5 Tips to Increase Your Donation Page Conversion Rate

1. Make sure your donation page is mobile-friendly.

Your nonprofit needs to be well-equipped to accept mobile donations and process these transactions safely. In 2021, 28% of all donations to nonprofit organizations were made via a mobile device. This percentage has grown steadily over the past decade and will continue to trend upwards in the coming years.

If your donation page isn’t mobile-friendly, you run the risk of losing potential donors who prefer using their mobile devices to make transactions on the go. So, if you haven’t checked or tested your donation page’s mobile-friendliness recently, you can use Google’s mobile-friendly test right now to do that.

2. Use one powerful visual content.

Creative, visual content and elements such as images, illustrations, charts, and videos, are perfect for capturing people’s attention and telling a story. It can be very tempting to place many of them on your donation page to engage your visitors. But the reality is that the more visual content you have on your donation page, the more distracted your visitors might become as they view your page.