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February Free Webinar Round-Up

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Interested in attending a free nonprofit webinar this month? Check out our monthly free workshops below to learn more about various topics in the nonprofit sector! Join our talented guest presenters as they explore topics like nonprofit event planning, volunteer management and engagement, and fundraising best practices. Learn more and register for these workshops by selecting the webinar title. Looking for a topic that isn't listed? Check out all upcoming free webinars here!

Join presenter Samantha Avneri from RegPack to understand more about utilizing technology and best practice tips for registration, packages, recurring revenue opportunities, and more to help you ensure you are making the most out of your next event. We’ll also focus on using your event data to increase engagement, retarget and upsell to your existing attendees, and understand your conversion sources for your marketing campaigns. Using your data is crucial to your marketing success. Understanding how best to filter, find and export this data to translate it into effective copy, graphics, and campaigns will help you and your team grow your event and increase engagement with your attendees.

Leaders in non-profit organizations and community groups increasingly understand that volunteers can be a critical resource for delivering on a mission. Effective people management and community engagement are imperative – whether they be paid or unpaid. As a result, employers expect that those individuals tasked with mobilizing and coordinating volunteer engagement demonstrate a thorough knowledge of effective practices and an understanding of how to apply that knowledge in support of real-world organizational priorities. In this session presented by CCVA's Faiza Venzant, you will learn about the CVA designation, why certification may be right for you, how the exam is created, what the application, preparation, and certification process is, and when you will be ready to apply and how to do so.

Creative strategies on how brands work for advocacy and cause-related marketing. Behind every successful nonprofit is a brand personality that matters. In this 30-minute workshop presented by David Langton from Langton Creative Group, we look at the key steps to build a new brand or refresh a legacy brand to improve the relationship with your supporters!

This session, presented by CCVA's Faiza Venzant, provides an opportunity for practitioners in volunteer engagement to understand the difference between personal, organizational, and professional ethics. Participants will learn a process for ethical decision-making that can be applied in any situation, and then practice this using a real-life scenario related to volunteers. Finally, several specific strategies will be offered for increasing awareness of ethics within an organization and helping both volunteers and staff become more effective at handling ethical dilemmas.

Storytelling is a tool that nonprofits can use to convey the impact of their work. However, organizations often struggle with how to tell stories, what information to include, and how to utilize the stories they tell. Join presenter Amy Krigsman from Ark Nonprofit Consulting to explore the basics of when and what types of evaluation to use to convey your organization’s story, as well as the links between evaluation and story.

As you work to meet your fundraising goals, you might be overlooking one important funding source: corporate matching gifts. Join presenter Mackenzie Burckbuchler from Double the Donation to understand how can you capture more matching gifts, close the donor awareness gap, and use technology to help? We will answer those questions and run through a live demo of Double the Donation’s matching gift automation software, 360MatchPro so that your organization feels prepared to fully harness this form of giving.


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