Important Trainer FAQ

Should I just come for my workshop or stay for the whole day? 

We encourage our workshop trainers to come for the whole day. Your registration is covered and staying for the whole day is a great way to connect with attendees. You can can also attend other workshops.  We have a networking lunch and we encourage our trainers to sign up for a Consulting Cafe slot. Typically, the venues we are at have WIFI. If you cannot come for the whole day - please make sure to at least arrive 45 minutes before your workshop so we can show you to the room and get you settled. 

What is the networking lunch? 

We host a 50 minute networking lunch at our Nonprofit Labs. This is a great opportunity for you to interact with attendees. We have meat and vegan lunch options. We cannot always accommodate individuals that follow a strict gluten free diet so we suggest you bring a little extra for yourself if you need a gluten free. 

How many people will attend my workshop?  

Presenters should plan for 30-35 attendees in their workshop. We sometimes may tell you in advance if there will be more attendees. Also, if your workshop is highly specialized - we may notify you in advance if there will be less than 30 attendees. Typically, we communicate with you many times that number of your attendees if it is going to much higher or lower than the average number. 

Do I have time to get into my conference room before my workshop starts?


Most presenter can get into their workshop room 10 minutes before start time. All workshop rooms will have a projector, laptop and slide clicker. Your slides will already be set up when you walk into your room. If you need significantly more set up time because you have fun learning props, please indicate this to us during your 1:1 prep or email us at We will need to get you staff that can assist with transition and set up - so please let us know. 

What supplies does the Nonprofit Learning Lab provide? 


We provide a projector, laptop and slide advance clicker. We can provide additional supplies such as: sticky notes, blank paper and lined paper. If you need these supplies, let us know and they will be available for you at the check in desk to grab.  If you want to print out any marketing materials to promote your company or nonprofit, please feel free to do so. We do not print out materials for others. We also suggest that you do not bring more than a double sided print out. 

Can you provide ideas for how to make my workshop interactive to reinforce learning objectives? 

It is important to make sure your workshop is interactive to reinforce learning objectives. We hand out an interactive guide to all our attendees. We encourage our trainers to just integrate this worksheet into their training so they don't have to create anything for their interactive element. Download the worksheet here to view it. You can go above and beyond to create something additional - we encourage it. Ideas that we have seen that work well allow for conversations in pairs or small groups at the tables where people are sitting. Such as asking open ended questions and having participants answer them in small groups or pairs. Please avoid having everyone go around the room and say their name - this will take up way too much time and then you will have none left to showcase your expertise. Remember 70 minutes goes fast. 

Who do I contact if I am running late the day of the event or I just have additional questions? 




If an issue arises the day of the event call 720-432-9107, please make sure to leave a voicemail just in case we don't pick up right away or you can email You can also always use that phone number if you have questions leading up to the conference. 

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